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Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof
A place to discuss everything they were afraid to. ML
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Looking For Specific Stories
Ever read a great fic, but you can't seem to find it again? This is a forum where members can ask around about favorite fics that they would love to reread. Maybe you can't remember who wrote it, but someone else might know.
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X5 Romance
Do you like MaxZack, MaxAlec, or any other pairings of the X5s or other transgenics? Stop in here for a chat! :
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Dark Angel: Unconventional Shippers
While this forum is a safe and welcoming haven to all, the main focus here is on the pairings we see too few of if at all. Think Alec & OC or Asha & Zack is a good pairing? Come on in! Let's get some good discussions going and the creative juices flowing.
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Who's gonna get laid next?
In this forum you can vote for the transgenic who is going to get laid next in my fics. You can suggest a pairing, or only one person. I'll try to realize the stuff you wanna read.
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Maxie's World
This is the world of Max, her suitors and her fellow 09'ers. Please, no slash
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Max & White
like max & white? come on you know you do. so post your interest here. got challenges? post them here. got story recs? post them here too.
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A connection to the wonderful Site. www.nunswithpens.
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Dark Angel
Save our Dark Angel. This forum is the place for the news to save this show, as well as show discussion and links. Latest News Check in forum
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A New Beginning Discussion Room
I'm writing a story on here called a new beginning,its a dark angel story, if you have any suggestions on what you think should happen next, post it in and I'll think about adding it in.
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Dark Angel Fun
Have any challenges for any pairing, DA related word games, DA round robins, RPGs, etc? Stop by then. Looking for moderators, PM me
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Welcome. Pull up a bar stool. Grab a drink. Here's a place where we can discuss our two favourite transgenics and what could have been... if only they weren't so stubborn.
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Dark Angel Role Play
A place where we can play out what we we think Season 3 would be.
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Dark Angel Challenges
Prompt challenges issued by me for all Alec/Max shippers.
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Dark Angel Fanfiction Challenges
Post Dark Angel challenges here and crossovers are especially welcome! Or if you'd like pick a challenge to write!
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