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ALL Things Degrassi! Any and All Topics!
Ok, this is just discussions, about ALL things Degrassi! Episodes, new looks, couples, breakups! The characters you love to hate and even the 1's you hate to love! Say whatever you want...Be opinionated, please! But all and all, let's chill!
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It's Degrassi an RP
Heres your chance to have your very own Eli..or any other Degrassi guy or girl. Make your own OC or pick a canon to be. Also, even if youve neevr joined nows the time because this RP is starting over so join now :
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This is the perfect opportunity to tell me what you think about this couple.
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Everything Eli and Fitz
Everything pertaining to Eli and Fitz, both together and separate. The war, their pasts, and romance-includes Eclare, Elitz, and Juli other Eli/non-OC
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Favorite Degrassi Couples
Ok, so we all know that there are an insane amount of couples in Degrassi, so here's a place to say which ones you like, canon or not.
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Degrassi Role Play
Be anyone from Degrassi or make up a character! All characters must be approved by me.
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Degrassi RP
A Non-Cannon Degrassi forum with the cannon characters from Degrassi and Degrassi: The Next Generation!
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Degrassi Roleplay
The most dramatic RP-ing. Here, you can come and claim a real Degrassi character, or just make your own! Then, you just go into one of the topics and begin to Roleplay! Come, one and all, to enjoy cute Eclare, Ziley, Semma or Sanya moments! We're hoping y
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Degrassi RP
rp and chat
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There's Something About Eli
A place to talk about the newest Goth kid on the block - Eli Goldsworthy! Share story ideas, talk about the character, about various pairings involving Eli, and what you think of him, as we discover more about the mysterious enigma that is Eli after each
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Degrassi rolplay, title pretty much says all...come to me with new characters before you start roleplaying
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Degrassi The Next Generation Canon OC RP
An alternate take on season eight if the show continued focusing on the originals instead of bringing in new students.
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Odd or Alternative Pairings
Discussions and story ideas of the weirder pairings of Degrassi Fanfiction.
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Original Degrassi
Who else misses the original degrassi with Paige, Spinner, Emma, Toby, Manny, JT, Liberty, Ellie, Craig, Marco, Ashley and Jimmy? In my opinion, i think the old degrassi was better :/
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 8 - Since: 11-26-10 - Admin: FallenDarkAngel2
Welcome to DEGRASSI OUR YEAR...this is the first RP I've done separate from anything LAKEHURST related. Here's the deal: Tori Santamaria, Zig Novak, Maya Matlin, & Tristan Milligan are now in the 11th grade and that means that some of the other characters
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Degrassi Roleplay
Make your own characters and be canon characters, have fun with it, its a roleplay. :D
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Degrassi Roleplay!
Only current characters and your own people. Message me BEFORE you join :
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 5 - Since: 12-14-10 - Admin: Ziley Forever
Degrassi RP
Just a fun little rp.
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Degrassi Generations Role Play
Roleplay as any character you want included your very own characters. This is a Degrassi community for those who roleplay for fun. So join in on the fun
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Cool Ideas for Original Fanfiction
Give us your most intense, crazy, most Gotheriest ideas for a cool Degrassi Fanfiction
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Darcy Edwards
I'm writing a new fanfic about Darcy Edwards from Degrassi. But the question is who should she be paired up with? Spinner? Peter? Give me your opinion!
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Degrassi RP
welcome to degrassi!
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Degrassi Slash
Discuss your favorite slash couples and stories!
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KC and Claire Fans
whether you are a fan of the actors who portray them,their characters,them as friends or a couple,this forum is for you.
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Degrassi Roleplay 2010
Basically I've got a Degrassi Unofficial Fansite which feaures a roleplay! Care to join?
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 2 - Since: 11-28-10 - Admin: endless-reverie
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