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Downton Abbey RP
This RP has moved! Please check out www.z15./downtonabbey for our current RP, but feel free to browse through the old topics :D
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Downton Abbey Roleplay
Downton Abbey RP .
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Downton Abbey Characters
Discuss all your favourite Downton Abbey characters here! Find a topic for all the main characters - minor ones coming soon!
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Well Hello
Just a place to introduce yourself because this archive could well get bigger. Talk about anything Downton Abbey, plot ideas, characters, anything.
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Downton Abbey Roleplay
This is a Downton Abbey RP set in about mid-series one, starting probably when Evelyn and Pamuk come to visit. It very likely won't stick to canon and we'll just see where it goes from there! Eventually, there will also be AU topics made, modern or otherwise. Come in and claim a character and join in the fun!
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The Sir anthony & edith fan club
A place to discuss edith and Anthony as loads of us on here love them to distraction. ooh those blue eyes of his (sighs)
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Downton Abbey rants and rages
A place where fans can unlease their frustrations on what was once a beloved show, but for some has become silly, upsetting, or down-right "out of character" (Many spoilers regarding series 3 lie within)
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All Things Downton Abbey
A forum to discuss 'All Things Downton Abbey' - Will also be used to post challenge criteria and provide links to the Downton Abbey Fanfic Challenge Archives.
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Tom Branson Fan Club
Please tell me what you think about Tom Branson.
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Downton Abbey discussions!
A place to discuss everything that has to do with Downton Abbey! Discuss series 1 and 2 and perhaps series 3? and the Christmas Special, the characters, the actors, the plot, Your opinions, what's good/not good etc. Feel free to write down all Your thou
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Mary and Richard, Downton Abbey
A place to talk about Mary and Richard.
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Downton Forum: A&B, M&M, etc
The Downton Forum for all things Anna/Bates, Mary/Matthew, and all those other brilliant couples - including crossovers!
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