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Downton Abbey RP
This RP has moved! Please check out www.z15./downtonabbey for our current RP, but feel free to browse through the old topics :D
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Downton Abbey Roleplay
Downton Abbey RP .
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Downton Abbey Characters
Discuss all your favourite Downton Abbey characters here! Find a topic for all the main characters - minor ones coming soon!
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Andith Tea Party
A place to communicate and collaborate about joint projects, Andith Fest, and to touch base with this wonderful community of shippers.
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Well Hello
Just a place to introduce yourself because this archive could well get bigger. Talk about anything Downton Abbey, plot ideas, characters, anything.
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The Sir anthony & edith fan club
A place to discuss edith and Anthony as loads of us on here love them to distraction. ooh those blue eyes of his (sighs)
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Downton Abbey rants and rages
A place where fans can unlease their frustrations on what was once a beloved show, but for some has become silly, upsetting, or down-right "out of character" (Many spoilers regarding series 3 lie within)
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All Things Downton Abbey
A forum to discuss 'All Things Downton Abbey' - Will also be used to post challenge criteria and provide links to the Downton Abbey Fanfic Challenge Archives.
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Tom Branson Fan Club
Please tell me what you think about Tom Branson.
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Downton Abbey discussions!
A place to discuss everything that has to do with Downton Abbey! Discuss series 1 and 2 and perhaps series 3? and the Christmas Special, the characters, the actors, the plot, Your opinions, what's good/not good etc. Feel free to write down all Your thou
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Mary and Richard, Downton Abbey
A place to talk about Mary and Richard.
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Downton Forum: A&B, M&M, etc
The Downton Forum for all things Anna/Bates, Mary/Matthew, and all those other brilliant couples - including crossovers!
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