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Abduction Aftermath A DQMW Fanfic Forum!
Here is a forum for comments on Abduction Aftermath!
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kleckshexe's Dr Quinn Forum
discuss my fanfiction, suggest new ideas or comment anything you didn't like about my stories
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Sully and Colleen
I really would like to see Sully and Colleen together after seeing the one epp where she is crushing on him.
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My Dr Quinn Fanfic Idea
I just had a new idea about a fanfic that I might write. The idea is about my OC who is the niece of Cloud Dancing and also the niece of General Custer. Her best friend is the deceased mother of No Harm and her younger sister is the mother of the baby Liv
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Fanfiction Idea
I had an idea for a fanfiction and was hoping that someone would take me up and write it. What if Michaela's parents split up when she was younger (i.e. just after medical school, during high school, before she started school, etc.) and she & her father relocated to Colorado Springs. How would that affect her relationships with the town's people? Would Sully have married Abigail or would he have fallen for Michaela immediately? How would their lives change? Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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