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The Good Sparks: a JoZane forum
This is a place for all the Jo/Zane fans to talk about Jo/Zane through out Eureka! Warning discussions may contain spoilers.
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Eureka 1000
A place where Eureka lovers can get together and discuss ideas for fanfiction so that we can get 1000 stories in the Eureka section on All types of stories, all pairings are welcome. Come and start a discussion or ask for some advice about a story that
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Eureka Discussions
General discussions and speculations on events in the show, past and present.
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Eureka Roleplay
I noticed there wasn't a RP for Eureka, so I thought I'd make one! Characters must be approved before you can start playing. Here's to having fun in Eureka!
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Café Diem
This forum is a place to explore the lighter side of Eureka. Play games, submit fic ideas, anything is fair game just like on the Café Diem "menu"
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Can You Believe There Isn't One?
This forum exists because there wasn't one for Eureka... one of the top three shows on SciFi! Something had to be done.
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Help on Proofreading and opinons on an Eureka stor
I am sending this message out to any Eureka fan to ask for help in Proof-reading and brainstorming a story that I have began. The first chapter is complete, and planning to post on here soon, but need someone that is familiar with the series to help. I know that the series has ended and left many openings to be explored and I think with this story, it can be done. My story centers around the unborn and unknown child that Jack and Allison will be having. I am also using elements that were not fully exploi
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