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Falling Skies Role Play
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Falling Skies Roleplay
Welcome to the 4th Massachusets Militia Regiment. Our job is to push westward and establish contact with the militia's along the west coast, as well as protect the civilians we find along the way. We're to avoid major skirmishes when possible, and recover harnessed children whenever possible. AU, OCs only, no CCs exist.
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Falling Skies RP
This is my Falling Skies RP. No auditions, no extra requirements. The only thing you need to have is a love of Falling Skies (and respect for your fellow RPers)
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Falling skies: The beginning of the end of the world
The 2nd mass thinks they have won this war, for they have sorely mistaken. The skitters have become faster, stronger, and more agile
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Falling Skies Fan Videos
A place to post links to Falling Skies fan videos that you have made. That way, the links will be easy to find for anyone who wants to watch videos created by others. There's also a place to post song suggestions if there's a particular song you would like to see made into a video. Maybe someone will give that song a try next time they want to make a video!
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Hey y'all! All are welcome here, unless you don't know anything about Falling Skies, or you haven't PMed me first. The purpose of this forum is to take on the roles of your favorite characters, and lead the Second Mass to victory!
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falling skies challenge
okay, so i want to put up a challenge for all fiction writters...i've recently become addicted to that tv show "falling skies" and quite frankly i find that is lacking in falling skies fiction SOOOO to everyone interessted heres the challenge: what if the skitters aren't the only beings out there in the universe, what if there are human like beings from another planet that has not been conquered by the overlords yet? and when i say human like i realy mean human like they look human but are special and a gro
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