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When the Alliance takes over the world, the rebellion decides to send it's children to a safe location. But misfortune strikes when the plane crashes and the kids are left stranded on the island, surrounded by all sorts of dangers. Will they stop fighting long enough to survive? (Has nothing o do with the show, I just need it in here for reasons that are complicated)
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A group of kids got stranded on an island after their plane crashed. Now they must survive on the island and try to get home. But are they alone? Put in this category due to me needing to make another forum with the category general and the type RPG.
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Flight 29 Down: NG
Next Gen for the Flight 29 Down kids. I haven't see this from the day it was shut down. Sorry if I'm wrong on something.
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The Hangout
So, this is the place for all of old and new fans of the excellent show Flight 29 Down to gather. It's a sort of "Remember when we were kids?" area; but with space for new prompts and editing help. I hope you all enjoy.
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Flight 29 Down Songs
Just all the songs from the show. There's a few I know, but if you know any others tell me! xoxo
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Flight 29 Down Forum!
This is the place to discuss the new and old season, couples, whether this is a ripoff of LOST it isn't! Good God... and anything else about this great show!
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What Is The Honest Fate Of Everyone On The Island?
I have to watch it on Discovery Kids, and all I've been seeing is reruns. But what do you think will eventually happen to everyone on the island? Will they all be rescued? Or will something happen? You can also discuss pairing's and such here as well.
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Jackson and Melissa Johnny Pacar and Kristy Wu
Does anyone think they were meant to be together or were they just put together? Is Johnny Pacar and Kristy Wu toghether in real life? Discuss it on this forum!
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Falling In Love with Love
Love is in the air...especially for Mel and Jackson. But what will happen when Melissa goes into the woods and doesn't come out? R&R
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Flight 29 Pairs
Discuss all the pairings. JacksonMelissa, DaleyNathan, and ect. Argumenst allowed duh and occasionally encouraged!
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Flight 29 Down charaters
Who's your fave character on Flight 29 Down? Why?
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Flight 29 Down Story Ideas
Got a story idea, but are in the middle of too many stories to write it? Can't finish a story you're in the middle of? Need an idea? Then come here!
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The Most Powerful Lines in F29DWN Fandom
So, everyone has read a line that chills them, makes them laugh, sticks with them forever. Post them here for everyone else to see. It can be your work, someone else's if you properly cite story chapter author . One rule: No more than five sentences.
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Hotel Tango
Was anyone else kinda disapointed with the Hotel Tango?
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