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RolePlay as existing characters or make up your own. Starts from the pilot episode. Create an entirely new story-line or RolePlay the events from episodes! Doesn't matter which direction the story goes in!
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FRIENDS Canon Roleplay
Come play as your favorite friend in this all canon roleplay. We may add OCs after the basic storyline is set up.
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Welcome to the 'Friends' forum. Any of you are welcome to create new topics on Friends and reply to ones that have already been made.
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Friends RP
A roleplay following the Friends, starting from the Pilot - doesn't necessarily need to follow the actual episodes, you can deviate and create original storylines. OCs welcome.
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Friends: Genesis
Starts from the Pilot - pick a character or make your own! OCs welcome, all subject matter welcome! :)
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Friends Laughs
Friends is full of laughs and comical jokes. If you would like to share anything you found to be funny, please share them here.
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After Friends: Friends RP
This is set after Friends, but in the show's setting. Possibly. Come make new friends and bring some life to Central Perk's couch again. Everyone are welcomed!
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Who's the best?
Discuss who's the funiest, who's the best looking ect out of all of them funny friends.
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Friends: RolePlay
FRIENDS! Yes, here is a new fresh RolePlay. So come and get your parts quick!
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What they're all doing in 2012
This is all about what our favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are doing in present day.
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Everlasting Love The Ross and Rachel Forum!
This forum is for the discussion of all stories pertaining to Ross and Rachel. Here you can post links to your favorite RR stories andor authors.
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What do you want in the Friends Movie?
I am here to ask you all what do you want to see in the upcoming 2011 "Friends: The Movie"?
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Discuss any of my fanfics. Telling me what you think of them or how you'd like them to continue. Post anything related to my stories. Also discuss anything related to the TV Show 'Friends.'
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Emily Waltham
Discussion about Emily Waltham fanfics mine and others dealing with issues of plot, grammar, characterisation, mistakes etc. please identify which author fic if a particular one is being discussed
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FRIENDS FANS! Write everything you know and think about FRIENDS!
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The One Where Ross And Monica Fight
What Happens When Ross And monica Have A Fight And never talk To each other again? one shot! This Is My first fan Fic So Be Nice! Please R An d R
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Talk about Chandler fanfiction...
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Fanfic Challenges2
A number of Fanfiction Challenges if you wake up one morning and don't know what to write about. Win an award for writing the best Friends Fanfic!
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Mondler Forever
A Site dedicated to the alternate couple to lobsters. please no flames! a discussion forum for anything mondler. please ask any questions about the show... I know literally everything about Friends...
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Friends Role Playing
Just a place to take on the identity of our favourite FRIENDS....
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Who should have the next baby?
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the FRIENDS fan fiction which is closest to the or
to create a perfect fan fic...which can be read again and again.
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Friends- The One with the Reunion
It's been eight years since the six friends were together. Eight years since Ross and Rachel made amends, eight years since Monica and Chandler moved. Now all six of them manage to run in to each other, after so long with no contact. Will the six re-unite? Let their kids meet the people who had so long been a part of their lives? For the first time in almost a decade, the six will say the familiar words: Hey, guys.
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Ross and Rachel: The Engagement
April 6th 2006- Rachel sat down on the couch while Emma was at Monica and Chandler's. Ross came in with a suit and a rose took Rachel's hand, spun her around and kissed her. "Let's go" he said. "Ross, are you crazy? Where are we going?" He started the car and drove away. When they pulled into the parking lot Rachel knew exactly where they were. They walked into the planetarium they had one of their first dates on. "Rachel you're so perfect to me! I want you to be mine forever! Rachel, Will you marry me?
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The One with the Writer in Town
Hey there Friends Fans, listen, I have a Phoey (Joey and Phoebe) story made yesterday. I'll make more at your request. PM me for a request.
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