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Game of Thrones: All of the King's Men
Where do your loyalties lie?
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Win or Die: A Game of Thrones RP
Set during the beginning of Season 2. Come roleplay as your favorite characters from the show or create your own! Will you win the Game of Thrones? *OPEN, ACTIVE, AND LOOKING FOR PEOPLE*
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Tales of the Seven Kingdoms
There are many stories in the Seven Kingdoms join canons and OCs alike from Kings Landing to the Wall and create your own. Takes place after season 3 all are free to join all are welcome spoilers will be kept to a minimum when it can be kept that way.
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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming!
RP as your favorite canon or make your own OC. You may even rule the Seven Kingdoms!
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Game of Thrones RP
Will hopefully become a character-driven GoT roleplay, set during the first season/book. Starts out during the mad king's reign, will eventually follow the events of Robert's rebeelion and later the book/series.
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A Role Play Game of Thrones
A Game of Thrones Role Play! OCs and cannon characters all welcome. In the SOIAF style, Different story lines in different topics. Come and join, one and all! Read the rules first, please!
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Game of Thrones RPG
A RPG. Come and live in the world created by George R. R. Martin. But be careful, or you might find yourself caught in the deadly game of thrones. You can play characters from the show or create your own!
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Game of Thrones Fanfiction Discussion & Challenge
A place to challenge each other to write fics for GoT, play forum games, meet other fans, and geek out a bit. GoT needs more fics, so let's challenge each other to write some!
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Quest for the Iron Throne (OC's welcomed and encouraged) 18 plus
A Game of Thrones RP where you may play as Canon Characters or OC's, as well as Houses if you're up to it-anyone wanting to play as a house (Canon or Original) must fill out the House application, or at the very least PM me the information to add to the House Dossier.
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A Game of Fire and Foes
This roleplay takes place after Daenerys has taken control of the Seven Kingdoms. Her daughter, Mia, sits on the Iron Throne, a maniac in disguise. She has imprisoned her mother, so she may make her own legacy. Some houses are planning an uprising. Which side will you be on?
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Summer is coming! A Game of Thrones roleplay!
Step right in. Sign up as an original character, or take the place as one of the cast members. Set in the middle of season two.
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A Song of Smoke and Snow: Game of Thrones Prequel RP
Before the game of thrones, a different song was sung. Back when dragons devoured the country and when lions, wolves, and stags killed them. This is that tale. Create a new hero to the story or claim one of the canons who are alive at this time. Join the rebellion or fight for the mad dragon, Aerys II, House of Targaryen.
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Game of Thrones Christmas Awards 2012
Christmas is approaching, and I remember my good friend CityGirl13 hosted some awards about a year ago. So I thought that I might do them this time around :)
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Game Of Thrones Awards
For al those fans of Game of Thrones who wish to nominate their favourites of various categories :D
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Game of Thrones Crossovers!
This is a place to share good Game of Thrones crossovers
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Game of Thrones-- AU rp
Set in a world where Aerys won Robert's Rebellion, Viserys and Daenerys now rule Westeros and have a male heir. A nameless girl and a black-haired boy are going to stir up some trouble...
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Game of Thrones Fans
A simple place for fans of Game of Thrones to group together.
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Do you identify with Arya Stark, Robb Stark or Jaime Lannister at all?
I'm looking for fans who are particularly interested in, or feel an affinity with these characters to come and tell me all about it as part of a study on identity construction within the GoT/ASoIaF fandom :) All telling will be done online, no need to travel to see me! I'm especially interested if you've ever made one of these characters the protagonist in a fanfic :) Come help me prove that GoT is worth studying.
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Game of thrones Fans
A place to hang out for all GOT fans. Please, come and join as we talk about the Author, characters, or pretty much anything that you wish to chat about.
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