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Win or Die: A Game of Thrones RP
Set during the beginning of Season 2. Come roleplay as your favorite characters from the show or create your own! Will you win the Game of Thrones? *Open, Active, and Not Really Looking for New Members*
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Fire and Blood:A Game of Thrones Roleplay
When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or die. There is no middle grounds. So, where do your loyalties lie? Will you win? Or will you die? OC and Canon RP -RE-VAMPED AND ACTIVE!- [OPEN]
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Valar Morghulis: Game of a Thrones RP
It has been 92 years since the War of the Five Kings. The Targaryens have yet to conquer Westeros, but they seek to. A war in Westeros is begun for the independence of the kingdoms, while another war with the Blackfyres looms on the horizon. Who will win?
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The Seven Kingdoms
The rebellion failed,now the seven kingdoms have been left divided, the seven kingdoms have truly become what they are. Seven different kingdoms, with their rulers. Seventeen years since Robert's failed rebellion, things have been peaceful. But there is trouble stirring in Westeros. From the death Jon Arryn, to accusations of incest within Casterly Rock. Will the peace last? O will war break out once again between The Seven Kingdoms? Claim a cannon or create an oc. Looking for mods and new members.
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Game of Thrones: All of the King's Men
Where do your loyalties lie?
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Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones RP
Set after the event known as the Red Wedding. The Boltons have been named the Wardens of the North, the Riverlands are in chaos, the Ironborn are on the rise, Petyr Baelish rules as Lord Protector of the Vale and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, and the Tyrells seek to displace the Lannister's hold of King's Landing and the Iron Throne. In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground, so choose wisely. (Now opening a Blackfyre Rebellion RP. Open and Active)
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Fire and Ice-Game of Thrones RP
In a world where Robert's Rebellion failed, peace has become a myth that few still believe in. With the death of Rhaegar Targaryen comes turmoil in the kingdoms as his young son rises to the throne, and others plot to place another on the throne. Meanwhile, the winds of winter are blowing to the South. Who will win the game of thrones? ****OPEN AND ACTIVE. ANYONE CAN JOIN!****
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The Right To Rule
Coming Soon!
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A Role Play Game of Thrones
A Game of Thrones Role Play! OCs and cannon characters all welcome. In the SOIAF style, Different story lines in different topics. Come and join, one and all! Read the rules first, please!
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Shattered Kingdoms
Three disasters left Westeros broken. First was Robert's rebellion that resulted in the death of most of the Targaryen family. However people didn't unify behind Robert as the successor and a far worse civil war started that kept on escalating. Secondly, a great plague spread over Westeros. Thirdly, a great winter and invasion of White Walkers that lasted a decade. *More under Context*
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Game of Thrones RP Forum
Carried over from / a version of the proboards forum I have. Any characters accepted there are accepted here. Please join and enjoy the tone and atmosphere of the Game of Thrones series and the Song of Ice and Fire books, in an AU setting.
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Game of Thrones Fanfiction Discussion & Challenge
A place to challenge each other to write fics for GoT, play forum games, meet other fans, and geek out a bit. GoT needs more fics, so let's challenge each other to write some!
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Game of Thrones RPG
A RPG. Come and live in the world created by George R. R. Martin. But be careful, or you might find yourself caught in the deadly game of thrones. You can play characters from the show or create your own!
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Quest for the Iron Throne (OC's welcomed and encouraged) 18 plus
A Game of Thrones RP where you may play as Canon Characters or OC's, as well as Houses if you're up to it-anyone wanting to play as a house (Canon or Original) must fill out the House application, or at the very least PM me the information to add to the House Dossier.
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An End to Thrones (ASOIAF RP)
Aegon's Conquest. Fire and Blood birthing the Iron Throne and Seven Realms. The Writ Tale of a Man with Three Dragons conquering half the known world. But what if that half had been Essos instead? Explore an AU setting where Aegon birthed a New Valyria, and the Targaryens rule over the Free Cities of Essos instead, while Westeros still remains 7 independent kingdoms. Explore...An End to Thrones!
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Summer is coming! A Game of Thrones roleplay!
Step right in. Sign up as an original character, or take the place as one of the cast members. Set in the middle of season two.
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A Song of Smoke and Snow: Game of Thrones Prequel RP
Before the game of thrones, a different song was sung. Back when dragons devoured the country and when lions, wolves, and stags killed them. This is that tale. Create a new hero to the story or claim one of the canons who are alive at this time. Join the rebellion or fight for the mad dragon, Aerys II, House of Targaryen.
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A Game of Thrones forum
*NEW AND ACTIVE* I noticed that there aren't many GoT forums out there. Join as your favorite characters or start your own house and pledge fealty to one of the great houses of Westeros. Maybe start as a lowborn bastard and fight for your claim to the Iron Throne! OCs are welcome.
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Game of Thrones Christmas Awards 2012
Christmas is approaching, and I remember my good friend CityGirl13 hosted some awards about a year ago. So I thought that I might do them this time around :)
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A Promise of Spring
*Mature Forum. Sexual and gruesome content. Character Death.* Over one hundred years after the return of Daenerys Targaryen, summer is upon Westeros. Five years of of peace, warmth and prosperity. However not everything is as it seems. Winter is coming and Ice promises to rain bloodshed anew.
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Game Of Thrones Awards
For al those fans of Game of Thrones who wish to nominate their favourites of various categories :D
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Game of Thrones Crossovers!
This is a place to share good Game of Thrones crossovers
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Game of Thrones-- AU rp
Set in a world where Aerys won Robert's Rebellion, Viserys and Daenerys now rule Westeros and have a male heir. A nameless girl and a black-haired boy are going to stir up some trouble...
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Valar Morghulis a Game of Thrones Role Play
Valar Morghulis, all men must die. The worlds of Westeros and Essos are, as we all know, dangerous places. With Lannisters rising in the south, White Walkers awakening in the North, and a Targaryen conquest forming in the West, the Game of Thrones is already beginning. Who will win and who will perish, that is up for you to decide. (Set at the beginning of it all, OC's welcome.)
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Game of Thrones Fans
A simple place for fans of Game of Thrones to group together.
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