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Step Up And Take The Challenge!
A forum for people who have ideas but don't have the time to write them. For people who want to write but don't have the ideas for a good plot or pairings. Open to all. Post a challenge and see if anyone takes. If I like your challenge I just might write
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Slash on GH
Anyone else notice there is absolutely NO slash on the General Hospital Categorie?
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Dante and Lulu: chemistryrelationship
Talk about the chemistry and relationship that Dante and Lulu have with each other and with their families.
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Sonny Lovers
If you love Sonny, regardless of who he's with, join this forum!
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General Hospital
General Hospital Forum
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Liason Fans
This is for all you Liason Fans. Here is where we can just sit back and talk about our favorite couplesoon to be.
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Forbidden Desires
this is a place where you can come to Discuss Elizabeth and Nikolas
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The original Lucky & Emily
If you miss the way Lucky and Emily use to be portrayed and written as I do here is your place to complain to me or at least to make us away of any great fan fictions you know of with them in it.
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Everything Sexis: For Sonny and Alexis Lovers
The Mobster & The Lawyer: A Match Made In Soapland. Know any good Sonny and Alexis sites or stories you want to share? Want to indulge your sexis lovin' heart? Here's the place to do it!
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Dillion and Lulu
Who else could see that when the two went looking for Lulu's dad that they were awsome together.
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Scrubs Forum
Here is a forum for all ScrubPatrick and Robin fans. This is a great place to post links to your favorite Scrub stories and talk about where you think this couple is headed.
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Lucky and Liz The REAL Heart of GH
A place for the fans of one of the greatest love stories in the past ten years...Weather the storm with Lucky and Elizabeth!
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New and Old Lovers REUNITE!
Come in and hang out with us and discuss the newest and lastest on GH and see who's with who now!
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The Jackal and The Blonde One
Come on in and discuss the possible pairing of Spinelli and Lulu!
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Characters Off Of General Hospital
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Maxie and Cooper forum
Talk about the new couple here.
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The pairing of Logan and Lulu
Come in a talk about the pairing of Logan and Lulu. Please no flames.
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Johnny and Nadine Haven
For fans who are open to the idea of Nadine Crowell and Johnny Zacchara. This is where you can come chat, post stories ideas or challenges. No antis are allowed!
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JoLu Johnny and Lulu
I love the idea of Johnny and Lulu together I'm a former LnL3Lugan fan but whatever. And since I'm not that great of a writer...can someone PLEASE write me a JoLu story?
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All about Jason
You want to relive when Jason lost his memory?Then come and give everyone a good fic of him losing his memory in the car accident!Or better yet have him regain his memories.Possibilities are endless. So come and give some fics.
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Just talk!
Say whatever you want... talk about my Fics or even someone elses. Give me suggestions or even complain about a story!
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The O'Reilly Chronicles
To create fan fiction, based on the daytime drama General Hospital, and research background on characters so anything created by author of this blog does not conflict. Also, to have fun.
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Spinelli and his pairings
This is for fans of Damian Spinelli as well as any of his pairings.
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Did Gh Drop the ball on a Jason and Claudia pairin
I believe that they concentrate on Sonny with someone way too much and if Claudia never did the hit, Claudia and Jason would have been perfect together
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Sonny Corinthos and Lorenzo Alcazar Stories
There is not enough stories on Sonny or Lorenzo too many stories about Jason. We need more Sonny or Lorenzo stories.
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