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Who the best for Rory?
So many boys and only one Rory who is the best for the princess of Stars Hollow?
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The Gilmore Shippers
Should Rory be with Logan or Jess? Is Lorelai in love with Chris or Luke? This is a forum to discuss all your favorite Gilmore Girls ships!
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Gilmore Girls
just because the show ended dose not mean he should stop talking about this great show! so come talk on here and have so fun!
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Rory and Logan Belong Together!
A forum for everyone who thinks that Rory and Logan are perfect for each other. Because they are!
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Lit Challenges
Give challenges to other writers , and take challenges. Only rule? Show us a link to the story so we can review!
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Gilmore Challenges Gallore!
Please post as many challenges here as you wish, and accept challenges as well!
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Looking for someone to cowrite Gilmore GirlsGrey's
I have this idea for a Gilmore Girls/Grey's Anatomy crossover story. I have an outline but I'm not very good at writing characters or dialogue. Anyone who has experience writing fics for these shows and would like to collaborate let me know!
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The Way They Were: Lit
All you Lits out there, here is your hearthside fire, your oasis in the desert, your... oh, you get what I mean. Narcos, Nudists, Sophies, you are permitted entry, but proceed at your own risk because bashing may commence without warning if enough join t
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New gilmore girls rp
So im gonna start another rp forum for those adorable gilmore girls. This one however is gonna take place after the series finale. So if you want a character thats not on the list lmk
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Trory Lovers
A place for all Trory lovers to chat and post challenges
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Help finding story
I can't find this story if you know it please let me know! Rory/Logan. I don't remember much but from what I can remember Rory and logon don't get along right away but Rory and Mitchum do. Rory gets Mitchum to write about the dragonfly. Eventually while doing her internship riry and Logan are together but Mitchum isn't happy... he still likes Rory but just not in a relationship with his son. Mitchum tries to set Rory up with someone else.
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Scott Lauren, Luke Lorelai
Has scott decided to sign for the seventh season?
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Season Six
General discussionSeason Six discussion. Whatever you want it to be really.
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Luke and Lorelai
all luke and lorelai and what goes on between them
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The Indelible Mariano
Jess: You love him. You hate him. Deep down you know you love him more though. Come here to talk about his hotness or posts links to great sites about this unforgettable guy.
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Challenges for One and All!
This is for those who love oneshot challenge fics! A place where new challenges can be posted for aspiring fanfic writers to try. All couplings will be represented!
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GG what do u think of April
what do u think is going 2 happen w April i dont like her
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Luke and Lorelai Challenge
I need more Luke and Lorelai stories
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Perpetual Literati
Forum for fans of the RoryJess relationship. Come and discuss the twists and turns of their illfated denial romance.
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Glamorous Gilmores
This is for you to chat about the happenings on everyone's favorite show, Gilmore Girls.
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Lunasoliel: The oasis for Sophies
This is mainly a Sophie lover forum, but others are welcome too. Come on in and say hi and talk about anything and everything Sophie and more.
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Kirk, nuff said
Kirk, u know him, u love him, and are possibly afraid of him. discuss all of Kirk's kirkness in the show, and Cat Kirk if u like.
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Charming Challenges
This is a place for any and all challenges for Gilmore Girls. Come on in to find great story ideas and talk about new ideas.
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Gilmore music Gotta love it!
I love this music. I really like Claudine LongetI Think Its Going to Rain Today, A House is Not a Home episode 5.22So what er your thoughts?
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Where Is Dave?
This is just a question for anyone who has been on this website for a long time. How do we go about getting a character added?
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