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Glee RP
Welcome to McKinley High, come right in a make a character, you could be the next star of New Direction or Vocal Adrenaline!
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Glee RP!
Role play with your favorite gleeks! OC are welcome! only couples i want are finchel and Klaine no other pairings for those. Dont like dont Role play*ACTIVE*
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Project Insanity RP
A Glee, Twilight and Glee Project crossover forum, role play as any of these characters and have fun :D (Character Bio's inside :D) Old members part of the current club, so as well as the Newbies we have the Graduates all attending school together :D Now Introducing Pitch Perfect and Victorious! :D
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Glee Roleplay
This Roleplay is for all those people who like to cal themselves Gleeks : Here we will Roleplay the characters/ talk about the show.
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Come rp as your fave character or make one of your own! :) It'll be fun.
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Glee RP
YOu can come in and roleplay as a Glee Character, or as an OC.
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Glee Remix XD
From the makers of Twilight Remix presents to you GLEE REMIX XD with all your favorite glee characters. Humans and Ghosts only. ACTIVE
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Glee Roleplay
A Glee RPG where you can either be canon or create an OC. Come in and join the fun!
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Glee Roleplay
A new glee roleplay. Please join. Create a character, read and accept the rules, and roleplay or chat! Open for all. Rated K - K ABSOLUTELY NO RATED M ALLOWED! YOU WILL BE BANNED.
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Glee The Next Generation! RP
All the New Directions graduated, and now 15 years later they search for new members. Come in to make an OC or Canon!
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Glee RP
Come on in and let's have some fun! Klaine is set pairing! Be a part of an music group or make your own group/club!
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A place to dicuss Quinn&Artie, the couple that hasn't yet been realized but that we know will one day be EPIC.
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This is Our Story: a marvelous Glee RP
The New Directions have all graduated, and has received a fresh group of kids to work with. After losing Nationals, he needs more talent to move on to Internationals, and become the greatest show choir ever known. Will you join in? ACTIVE: August 2012
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Glee Roleplay! (pre season 4 not canon to the show)
Hey guys :) So, I thought another Glee RP wouldn't hurt ;D Everybody's welcome, canon or OC. Join, have fun and let's get this show on the road! Still looking for Tina, Mike, Finn, Sugar, Rory and more :D
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What If Roleplay
What if Glee turned out differently? What if characters made different decisions, did things differently? Starts in Season Four. The old characters are seniors, and the new characters are sophomores.
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The Ultimate Glee Forum
Basically, a community to talk about Glee. The episodes, the ships, the songs, the characters, everything!
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Glee Roleplay Season 3
It's the New Direction's senior year and this is the place where we Roleplay their lives and the hijinks that ensue before they graduate from McKinley and make their way into the real world.
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RP for Gleeks!
An RP for people who simply don't want to join an already exisiting RP, like myself!
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Glee: The next generation
This is set in the future. The original glee member's kids are now in high school and are in New Directions. Beth Corcoran is twenty three and the new assistant director of New Directions along side Mr. Shue. Wanna be a Klaine kid? Rachel's kid? Mercedes? Then join!
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Historias por contar
Un lugar para escribir sobre Glee. Con retos. Un sitio para poder leer. Para también hablar y demás... ¿Qué les parece? Todo el mundo es bienvenido
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Glee Roleplay! :
Come and join in on our Glee Roleplay! Have fun roleplaying as your favorite character on glee! Have fun singing in the choir room with the other students!
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The Glee Club Roleplay
A Glee roleplay forum. Canons and OCs are allowed. All are welcome.
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Pretty Little Gleeks in 90210 RP
I know this title is really bad but it's the best I can do :) Come RP as your favorite character from Pretty Little Liars, Glee, or 90210! You can even make an OC and attend West Bev! Just have fun and cause some drama :) Note: All of the characters from each show attend West Beverly High School from 90210.
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William McKinley High School
Welcome to William McKinley High School. A few messages: The snakes fester in the McKinley toilets no more! They have been moved to the zoo where they will live in the toilets there. Also, may I remind students that the football field is not a urinal. Thank you all and go titans!
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A New Glee Roleplay
This roleplay is going to be for gleeks who are dedicated to it and active. OCs will be allowed, but only if they are interesting! I will not be accepting everyone like most forums. That being said, I would still love for people to join. Thanks!
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