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Project Insanity RP
A Glee, Glee Project, Victorious and Pitch Perfect crossover forum, role play as any of these characters and have fun :D (Character Bio's inside :D) Old members part of the current club, so as well as the Newbies we have the Graduates all attending school together :D Now Introducing The Next Step :D
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Glee RP
Welcome to McKinley High, come right in a make a character, you could be the next star of New Direction or Vocal Adrenaline!
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Glee Remix XD
From the makers of Twilight Remix presents to you GLEE REMIX XD with all your favorite glee characters. Humans and Ghosts only. ACTIVE
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New Directions : A Glee The Next Generation Roleplay
It's 2036, and there hasn't been a Glee Club at McKinley for years. Daniel Schuester and Beth Corcoran want to restart it, and all they need is people who want to join. Come in to play as an OC or a Canon character!
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Glee Roleplay
A new glee roleplay. Please join. Create a character, read and accept the rules, and roleplay or chat! Open for all. Rated K - K ABSOLUTELY NO RATED M ALLOWED! YOU WILL BE BANNED.
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House of Glee
A house of Anubis and Glee crossover RP forum. All the Glee Characters move into a Boarding House near The Anubis house students. Play as a Cannon Character or Make an OC, and um...Have fun. :)
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Glee: The next generation
This is set in the future. The original glee member's kids are now in high school and are in New Directions. Beth Corcoran is twenty three and the new assistant director of New Directions along side Mr. Shue. Wanna be a Klaine kid? Rachel's kid? Mercedes? Then join!
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Glee Club RP!
I know loads of forum's have this, but come on guys, please give me a chance! This is where you can RP with your favourite characters, or with an OC! It'll be fun! *Hopeful expression*
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Generation Gleeks
This is a glee/skins roleplay that takes place in England, specificly Bristol. Be cool, stay in school, and drink milk. Here you will be treated like a loser, you will never win so youre not going to be a winner, and you will always say APPLESAUCE. MUST BE A GOOD ROLEMODEL AND ROLEPLAYER.
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The Gleeky Life
A Glee RPG forum. Play as a Cannon character(Mckinley and Dalton) , or make OC. (My first Forum)
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The Dalton Academy Warblers
Welcome to Dalton Academy. If you are musical or can dance we will be glad to allow you to join our prestigious show choir. This year we have to beat the New Directions who have taken our lead vocalist. Warble on!
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NEW Glee AU RP (No Newbies) - OPEN
All the Glee characters except for the Newbies. OCs also welcome. Brittana, all other ships are open (OC/CC also possible). So the AU would be something that I think we can all chat about and agree upon. I just think high school is boring and something new might be interesting. Maybe they're all in NY like some are on the show, or maybe not all of them know each other yet like in some of those awesome fanfictions from you guys. Hope I got you interested ;) Can't wait to RP with you all!
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Not in Devanagari Set in season 2 join the glee club and help them to win sectonials and everything else
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Glee Underground
Set in an alternate time when Sue Sylvester wins banning all singing and dancing from McKinley High. Led by Finn Hudson the group of misfits and outcasts take their singing and dancing underground. Let your voice be heard and dance to the hot beat in this Glee forum.
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Cool Kids (Glee Next Generation Role Play)
Its been a long time since the Glee Club was disbanded at McKinley but now McKinley's newest teachers Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry are back and ready to reboot the New Directions Will they succeed and possibly make it to Nationals or will Sue Sylvester once again crush the Glee Club
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Glee Roleplay
Here you can roleplay with the glee characters and oc's.
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Welcome to McKinley High!
Join Glee club today! OC-only RP.
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Rachels baby
its a cliffhanger
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Glee Rachel and Shelby : happily ever after?
Rachel and Shelby's relationship set at the end of season 1 However a few rules : Shelby did NOT adopt Beth No Will and Emma ( sorry Wilma fans!) Shelby and Will (hopefully :0) ) Rachel to totally hate Jesse - Finchel Any more rules and I'll let you'll know :0)
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It's A Finchel World: Glee Forum!
For canon couple shippers and fans of glee
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Moments To Remember
What happens when two strangers, Santana and Brittany, run into each other twice in one week? What happens when Brittany has a past that may haunt her forever? Can Santana break down Brittany's walls enough to help or will he past forever haunt her future? Rated M for future chapters. (im sorry the summary sucks but I think its a good story so far so you should check it out!)
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Glee - WildeAbrams RPG
WildeAbrams RPG. Artie looking for his Kitty... And other friends. Apply within.
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