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Good Luck Charlie RP!
Basically what the title says. You roleplay as any character you want to be from Good Luck Charlie...well...as long as nobody else is that character! On character sheet, say who you want to be, and I'll probs accept it XD! O/Cs are totally accepted
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Good Luck Charlie Role play!
Everybody knows this crazy family. But why not join in the fun? WELL YOU CAN! Now that this forum is now open YOU can RP with your favorite character like Charlie,Amy,Bob,Gabe,Teddy, Toby, and so much more! You will have so much fun! Now come on!
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Chit Chat About Good Luck Charlie
Basically you here you can talk about what you like and don't like about the show. Talk about pairings and what you think should happened next in the series! All are welcome!
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Good luck Charlie life in the country rp
After Charlie's little sister is born, the duncan family moves to little rock tennessee. You can be any unclaimed character or an original character. This forum is rated g/pg. no cussing.
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GLC Roleplay!
Good Luck Charlie RP!
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Good Luck Contest
Hello! This is a contest! Of Good Luck Charlie: Details inside
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Good Luck Charlie Stories
This is a forum where I post all of my ideas for future stories
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