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The streets of Gotham can be a dangerous place whether your a Dectective, street kid, common criminal or a member of one of the cities crime families you had better be careful cause one wrong move could be your last, think you have what it takes to survive and make a name for yourself in Gotham click here to find out
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Gotham Roleplay
*Active since March 2016* Have some strange riddles you want to tell? Maybe some heroic acts to share? Maybe you'd like to cause chaos - either way, Gotham is the place for you. ((Threads for the different seasons, so be careful of spoilers))
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Famdom Nygmobblepot
En este espacio podemos compartir el amor que le tenemos a Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nygma y nuestro hermoso Nygmobblepot.
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Searching for a 1x1 GOTHAM email roleplay!
I'll be posting my details into this forum. Please email me at yugen611 @ gmail . com if you are interested!
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Bruce Wayne Adult Fan Fic Challenge - Multi
I had an idea for a challenge for a Gotham Fan Fic... I hope people try it! It's Bruce Wayne's 15th birthday and Alfred reveals that Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) instructed Alfred to give Bruce a letter on his 15th birthday in the event that Thomas was already dead. In the letter Thomas reveals that the men in the Wayne family have subtle powers that begin to manifest on their 15th birthday (the nature of the powers are up to you as long as they are mostly sexual) and with these powers come an increased se
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Gotham fic Idea Selina Kyle
I have a fic Idea I'm on the fence about. It's about Selina Kyle and her having a little brother. The story would be an episode per chapter. Ex: Ch1-S1E1 Pilot. Let me know what you think!
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