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The streets of Gotham can be a dangerous place whether your a Dectective, street kid, common criminal or a member of one of the cities crime families you had better be careful cause one wrong move could be your last, think you have what it takes to survive and make a name for yourself in Gotham click here to find out
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Gotham Roleplay
*Active since March 2016* Have some strange riddles you want to tell? Maybe some heroic acts to share? Maybe you'd like to cause chaos - either way, Gotham is the place for you. ((Threads for the different seasons, so be careful of spoilers))
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Gotham RP
Roleplay Forum for the show Gotham on Fox. May eventually be private, but for now it's open to any.
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Gotham: An RP of Maniacs and Cops
***ACTIVE NOVEMBER 2017*** It's self-explanatory.
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