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Grey's Anatomy Role Play
Hey everyone! I'd like to role play if anyone is interested! You may be a canon character or an O/C!
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Grey's Anatomy Role Play
I am wanting to start a role play mostly with Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins. I will be Callie so I need an Arizona.
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Welcome to Seattle Grace!
Welcome to Seattle Grace where all your favorite doctors are alive! Come play as your favorite canons or make your own OC! This rp isn't set in a particular season though current levels of surgeon apply (e.g. Meredith and co are attendings).
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Grey's Anatomy RP forum!
Come in everyone. No one is dead in this forum so you guys can pick up characters that already died in the tv show. You can also make oc but they will start as an intern. ACTIVE SINCE 15/5/2017
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Calzona Heaven
Basically this is all about Callie and Arizona. Discuss, RP, anything you like!
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Grey's Anatomy Roleplaying :
This is a roleplay for Grey's Anatomy lovers. You can either use a canon or create your own character.
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Grey's Anatomy rp
Welcome to Seattle Grace, the most interesting hospital in the world.
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Grey's Anatomy Canon Roleplay
Starting off with the first season, play a canon character from the show Grey's Anatomy.
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Searching for a story
For all who are searching for a story and can't find it. Maybe we can help each other.
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Grey's Anatomy RP!
This is just a grey's RP for any fans that want to put their own spin on the story.
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The search for the most hated, irritating, and ann
As it says so in the title...It's the search for the most hated, irritating, and annoying Grey's Anatomy character! Just tell me who's your pick and I'll try to update every week to tell you guys who's leading the...uh...race.
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Greys Anatomy Roleplay
Not in Bulgarian Join the cast of Greys Anatomy in their everyday lives use OCs or Canon Characters because it's a beautiful day to save some lives!
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A place to talk Grey's and to post or accept challenges for other users. Come in and see!
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Grey's Anatomy Roleplayer's needed
We need some good rpers for this
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Grey's Anatomy RP
Come and RP as Meredith, Cristina, Bailey, Derek and so many of our favorite doctors.
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Grey's Anatomy Roleplay Mature Content Allowed
Considering season 7 of Grey's Anatomy has just recently come to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to give Grey's fanatics, like myself, something to hold on to until the 8th season begins. Canon characters only; please read the rules and charact
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Grey's Anatomy Role Play
A role play for Grey's Anatomy that hopefully won't die. Starts off from the very beginning of season 1 so every one is still alive, Meredith is on a couch and late for work, etc.
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Looking for a story
Im looking for a story with Callie and Arizona, Callie gets sick and hits her head, she has to be put into a coma but when she wakes up she doesn't remember Arizona.
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Callie and Arizona lovers!
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WELCOME TO GreysAnatomydom.share your detes on Greys Anatomy. Take polls,talk about anything mostly G.A. We have other topics to.
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The Grey Area
Grey's Anatomy Fics, all stories welcome!
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Jackson and Cristina
Someone has to agree that they are hot together. Don't lie...
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For people who are falling for Ariliza! Discuss, RP, anything you like! :)
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Where all the McStizzie lover's can come and talk about our favorite pair and favorite stories!
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Help with finding Calzona fic
Hey. I'm looking for a fic that was about Arizona, who was raped in the parking lot of the hospital after her shift. The story primarily focuses on her path of healing and how Callie helps her cope. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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