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Welcome to Seattle Grace!
Welcome to Seattle Grace where all your favorite doctors are alive! Come play as your favorite canons or make your own OC! This rp isn't set in a particular season though current levels of surgeon apply (e.g. Meredith and co are attendings).
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Grey's Anatomy RP forum!
Come in everyone. No one is dead in this forum so you guys can pick up characters that already died in the tv show. You can also make oc but they will start as an intern. ACTIVE SINCE 15/5/2017
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Grey's Anatomy Roleplaying :
This is a roleplay for Grey's Anatomy lovers. You can either use a canon or create your own character.
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Grey's Anatomy RP!
This is just a grey's RP for any fans that want to put their own spin on the story.
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Greys Anatomy Roleplay
Not in Bulgarian Join the cast of Greys Anatomy in their everyday lives use OCs or Canon Characters because it's a beautiful day to save some lives!
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Grey's Anatomy RP
Come and RP as Meredith, Cristina, Bailey, Derek and so many of our favorite doctors.
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For people who are falling for Ariliza! Discuss, RP, anything you like! :)
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Grey's Anatomy
Welcome to Seattle Grace! Feel free to come and join, claim a canon or create your own! Note; all dead canon's from the show are back. This is our own world, our own creation. You can be an intern, a resident, a fellow, an attending and maybe even work your way up the ranks and become chief!
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Love Vs The Price Of A Bullet
who said a cop couldn't fall in love with a criminal
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