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Grimm RP
What it says basically, a Grimm RP.
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Grimm Roleplaying
I love this Show so much! Go GRIMM!
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Grimm: Things Can Change A Journey
Welcome to my version of the Grimm world. Wesen are everywhere and Grimms are the only ones able to stop them. Problem is...there's good and bad in all aspects of life even with Wesen and Grimms. And with a new threat rising in the Wesen world...you need to choose which side you'll be on. Will you be good? Or will you be evil?
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The Life of a Grimm
Explore the hidden truths of Portland, Oregon through the eyes of a Grimm- or something very different.
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Grimm RPG
Welcome to the world of Grimm. RPG
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Grimm Love
This is a forum that is for talking about what you like about Grimm, what you dislike, and for devising a plan to kill Captain Renard's brother, Eric Renard. I would love to hear your ideas! :D
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Is possible to write an story about a romantic relationship of a Grimm and a female Wesen, all the species, with Canon Characters and OC, I wonder because no one write it before.
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Wesen: Rp
The world has never been alone. Animals and magical creatures walk among humans, hiding their true identities and powers. Wesen. Who are you really? OC.
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The Seven Royal Families
Whomever is watching Grimm, sure knows that Seven Royal Families is mentioned. But we only know of one, Captain Renard's father side of the family is Royal. What about the other Royal Families? Are they looking for the map too ? Do they want their power to be restored as well? And how does that Royal-Grimm thing actually work? Any thoughts on this ? Anyone ?
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Grimm Rp
Grimm Rp. Ocs allowed.
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