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H20 20 Years Later!
Come enter your character and then on with Role Play!
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Forum of Randomness
Private Forum for me and James Stryker.
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H2O: Just Add Water, and Secret of Mako Island
For those interested, come inside to talk about this great hit show, from characters to specific episodes and powers, or come in to discuss potential fanfic ideas, in addition to its newest spinoff, 'Secret of Mako Island'
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The Golden Roleplays
Take not only a glimpse but a step into your idolized character's life, and make the choice-to create or destroy their futures as we know it. H2O, PLL, Rafters, and H&A.
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H20 50 years later
It's fifty years on and everyone's lives have changed, there's a new set of mermaids with extra ordinairy powers, who are these girls? How do they get their powers? Are they good or evil? You decide.
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H2O RP:30 years later
This takes place 30 years after cleo,Ricki,and Emma/Bella...so come join the fun:
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The Tails of H2O
Cannon and OC's are welcome! Come and roleplay today.
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H2O Just Add Water Roleplay
Bella just moved to town, and then she meets Rikki and Emma who are still trying to get over Emma moving. And after Rikki breaks up with Zane, she meets someone else, Will.
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H20: Just Add Water
They arent ordinary girls and this is no ordinary rp. Come and join the fun and celebrate the incredible Mermaid world. \\Will be active during fall/ -Moderators needed-
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H20 Fanfiction Ideas
Come here to post your H20 fanfiction ideas for other people to read!
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H20 Just Add Water RP
H20 Rp! Claim a cannon character or create your own. This takes place right after season 3 and Emma has decided to come back.
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H2O Just Add Water Role Play
Wanna Join the fun in Makko Island? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Be your favorite H2O characters! Be a mermaid. The world is your Ocean and your its pearl. Your no ordinary girl.
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H2O: Roleplay!
It's season Four, Emma's back, Lewis' back, so is Charlotte... Here is where you can control their futures! Do they die? Get married? Preganet? What! You decide through Role Play!
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H2O: Roleplay
If you want to write as a canon character or OC here's where you need to be.
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H2O: The Roleplay
Welcome! Become a human or mermaid and make friends or enemies. Learn more about Mako Island and try to find how you can turn back normal.
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H2O requests, prompts, challenges
Stories you would like someone to write. Find an idea to write about.
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H20: Just Add Water
This is after the third season
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Season 3 RP. Bella the new mermaid moves to town, emma leaves to move, Cleo finds new boyfriend....Zane cheats on rikki with bella folllow the story line dont go off topic
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Our Favorite Characters
Talk about any characters from H2o that you love, hate or just want to talk about.
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Everything H2o!
Just chat about everything H2o!
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H2O: Just Add Water
Remember the show H2O: Just Add Water? Well, here you can rp as all the characters from the show, or make your own. Anything can happen, maybe even some crossovers? OPEN AS OF 6/17/2018
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H2O: Just Add Water Couples
Spread your love and hate against the many couples of H2O: Just Add Water
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h20 fifty years before
the 1950's era with Louise Chatham, Gracie Watsford ,Julia Dove this era screams out for fan-fiction to be written about it
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H2O: Fishy Fans
Are you a fan of H2O? * Talk about H2O * Roleplay * Fanfiction Ideas * Contests * Your H2O Fanpage on Instagram could be shouted out here! * Subscribe * Official Hub For All H2O Lovers
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The Forum Of All Forums
Restricted to only Gemma, Chelsea and I. Enter if you dare.
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