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DWOCD Support Group
DWOCD Danny Whump Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This is a support group for those that are unfortunate or fortunate depending on your point of view enough to suffer from this illness! Discuss your Danny whump ideas, get help or just share the joy that is Danny whump.
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You Have a Face
Anything Hawaii Five-0 2010 . Talk about the show, fan fictions and so on. Share stories, bounce ideas around, and find other authors to read.
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NCIS: Los AngelesHawaii Five0 Crossover Roleplay
Characters from the two shows work cases together and build friendships. Eight characters available to play, plus OCs. Love LA and Five-0? Then this is the place for you!
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Hawaii Five0 Challenge Board
HAve you ever got a cravign for something to happen in a fanfic, but you dont wanna search through a million to find one like that? well, here a bunch of cooperative fanfic writers can joing the forum and if they get a craving, those who are up to the cha
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Fic Finder
Can't find a fic? Lost the links to your fav story? Don't know what to read next? Post your request here!
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The Bromance in New Five0
From what I've seen of the new show, there's a certain chemistry between Steve & Danny that transcends what we saw in old Five0. This forum is being created to discuss that & perhaps other aspects of the show
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Living Despite Wo Fat's Schemes
Five-O is constantly after Wo Fat, the man responsible for Steve's father's death. Will the team ever be able to stop him?
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Numbers Challenges
A series of challenges open to any user brave enough to try them
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the KoVe
A place for those of us already shipping Steve/Kono from the new Hawaii Five-0...to discuss story ideas/etc
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Are You Part of the Team?
Do you imagine yourself as a new team member? Or maybe one of the characters? Here's your chance to act it all out. From cases to moments with our favorite characters to plot ideas with them, it's all here. Five-0 is ready. Are you?
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MCDANNO! Hawaii five 0
Yaoi, Steve x Danny (And the other characters too!) I would like to have Mpreg (male pregnancy) at least with Danny x Steve!
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Hawaii Five 0
everything Hawaii five 0
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Please comment about either stories or show the link of Danny/OC
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Steve McGarrett in Love
A forum dedicated to discussing the love life of Steve McGarrett and its trials and triumphs.
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Steve babysitting
Write a story about Steve babysitting Grace or anothin youngin. You can have anything happen! Leave a story name on this page please. No slash, i'm not against it but its not ideal for these stories.
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Delete scenes
talk about the Delete scene from the tv show Hawaii five 0 reboot
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Stomach Bug
Steve gets sick at work and Danny helps him out.
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Mystery Man
Steve senior years and he finds love at a bomb firer one night, but that was going to change his life forever and the woman that he meets has psychic abilities but she has helped too and it's her twin brother Joey that helps her to find the missing people about 15 or 20 years later one case will bring them together. This is my own and I hope you'll all like it
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