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The Coconut Wireless
"Heard it on the coconut wireless, Boss – this is the place to chat about all things Five-O!"
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Hawaii Five-O Writers Unite!
For those who love to write as a profession or just as a fun activity! Anyone is welcome- except I do not allow rudeness or crudeness. if there is anyway you can help someone, or if you have ideas for story's and don't know how to write it, or if your looking for a co-writer this is a forum for you! Haha! Why did that sounds like a sells commercial? Well anyone's welcome!
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I Want The Book On Them
Here is the forum to talk about Hawaii Five-O, the characters and fan fic writing.
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The Rock
Welcome to the fandom for Five-O! This is a forum that helps newbies, such as myself, to this awesome fandom! We talk about writing, OCs and practically anything. Not to mention links to fan art. So who's ready for a spin, to smell burning rubber and dodge some bullets? Get ready to do some Booking.
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