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Heroes Romance
What are your favorite pairings? Paire? GabriElle? List and discuss them here!
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Heroes: Next Generation
The previous battles may be over, but in this new generation of heroes, things could get tricky. Maybe the world might just end after all.
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One of us, One of them: a Heroes RP
Wanna Roleplay Heroes? Well here ya go! Create an OC and save the world! Or even try to destroy it.
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For all those Heroes fans out there, I hope this can make you smile! This forum is an roleplay forum (canons and OC's), and a place to discuss various aspects of the show, and fan fiction writing if you wish! (**ACTIVE JANUARY26th, 2018!**)
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Heroes: Refuge
Heroes Roleplay, come and register your character!
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Boom: The Official Sylar Fan Forum
For all Sylar fans and fanatics, come here to discuss our fave villain dude.
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QD's Heroes RPG
Here you play both characters from the show or create your own. One character per person. Have fun and play to your heart's content.
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Heroes Canon OC RPG
Starts with the first episode of season one, you only can play season one characters until we reach season two in the roleplay.
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Heroes Fan Fiction: The Writers Office
Here is a community of writers who wish to take their stories to the next level. We will all get better together by offering advice and plot ideas. You can find threads for fic ideas, plot devices, random discussions, shippings and the odd roleplay.
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Save the cheerleader Save the world
I was shocked that there weren't any Heroes' forums yet! I thoroughly enjoy the show and would love to discuss theories, characters, you name it! So come on in and rant and rave all you want about Heroes!
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Heroes Slash
This is for talking about all kinds of Heroes Slash. MM and FF are welcome! Talk, give recomendations,post fan art, find an RP buddy, cowriter, or Beta.
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Heroes Roleplay
Just a place to Roleplay with characters from the NBC show Heroes or create your own character. ChatPostDiscussRPG
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Heroes: Part One RPG
The heroes are all dead. Sylar is the only super-power left...or is he? Submit a character and play through the world that is Heroes!
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Heroes Crossovers
This forumn is for all the Heroes Crossovers. To go with the C2 Heroes Crossovers. Heroes/Lost.Heroes/Reaper.Heroes/Veronica Mars.Heroes/Supernatural.Heroes/Jurassic Park. Heroes/HarryPotter.
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Heroes: Community
A big Heroes RP game!
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Heroes RPG
Obviously a Heroes role-playing game. Takes place in the beginning of season 4.
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Heroes vs Xmen
People have said that Heroes ripped off several abilities from people of X-men. This is a forum of match ups between characters from the two franchises that resemble each others powers. After a while if we run out of people that resemble each other's powe
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 3 - Since: 04-11-09 - Admin: Jack Sawyer
The Heroes Who Are Able to Write a Heroes Fic!
Share your Heroes fanfiction ideas, your rants about attempts to capture a character just write, basic writing tips, etc.
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Anyone intrested in a HEROES roleplay can come here.
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Remnants of the Eclipse
Are there any Heroes fans still alive in the world? Anyone? If so, feel free to come here to rant, speculate, and discuss anything and everything Heroes-related! If not... I guess this forum can just slink glumly away to the graveyard of other long-dead Heroes forums.
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Peter & ClairePaire
Peter and Claire of Heroes [RomanticFriendship]. I understand the whole age diff. but that's what fanfiction is for! ::Paire::
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This forum is for anything Heroes. Talk about your fanfics, pairings, or just talk about the show. Like I said, anything Heroes!
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Peter & Niki
A place to discuss these two characters, future storylines with them, and for great shippy chats!
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A forum for all general Heroes disscussion.
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The Family Petrelli
Companion Piece to my C2, but all fans of the Petrelli family can post here.
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