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Revisiting Highlander
Tell us what you think!
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Anything fanfiction
Any topic relating to Highlander fanfiction, challenges, searches, ideas. you want to put it up put it here.
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Secretly Everyone hoped Methos would win the Game!
Duncan was a great character but weren't we all secretly rooting for the really old guy, just a little bit? This forum is for all fans of the show to discuss and chat about all things Highlander.
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Highlander Rotunda
Discussion and comments for HL Fanfic, since the limit of one review per chapter doesn't really encourage discussion
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Highlander Fans!
Fans of Highlander the films or the series... or just fans of immortals in general... come discuss the franchise or immortality in other works.
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Help me settle this please! Duncan was NOT a vampi
Duncan is not a Vampire. I know this, but have a friend that swears he is. In order to settle I have tried unsuccessfully to find proof of this, So please feel free to post.
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