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Forum XIIIc
A general purpose writer's hangout for Hogan's Heroes writers. Come on in and discuss writing, reviewing, and canon. For historical research, please visit Hogan's Heroes Historical Chats right down the hall. No off-topic (non-HH/writing) posts, please.
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Hogan's Heroes Teen and Young Adult Fans
The forum for young people who like Hogan's Heroes and random chat. Adults welcome too!
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Hogan's Heroes Roleplay
Roleplay as anyone, and everyone! Make your own characters! Choose an original!
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Hogan's Heroes Characters
Information and discussion of the Hogan's Heroes characters, with canon data and discussion of their traits, backgrounds, and possible futures.
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General History Database and Discussion
A tool for Hogan's Heroes fanfic writers and hopefully of interest to the forum readers: a forum for facts, questions and discussion about the era that shaped both the times and the characters in WWII.
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HH, WW2 and how we view the world today
This is a forum where you can share your own personal philosophy and worldview with the HH community.
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The Heroes of Stalag 13
An RP for one of the best TV shows of all time!
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What if they made a Hogan's Heroes movie?
I've always wondered...
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Hogan's Heroes 2020
Fresh voices and new choices to build a better fandom. There's some really good fan fiction out there waiting to be rediscovered.
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Hogan's Heroes
I wanted t' start a furom bout my fave TV Show Hogan's Heroes!
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The Rec Hall
Come along and discuss anything you want to; whether it's about your writing, others' writing or news about Hogan's Heroes, you can discuss it here at the Rec. Hall!
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Hogan's Heroes Historical Chats
Due to unfortunate problems, my forum was strangely deleted. Luckily I saved the posts earlier, so they will be reposted here.
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Broadcasting history and Hogan's Heroes
This forum is for discussion on how Hogan's Heroes impacted television and how television impacted Hogan's Heroes. Who were the "show runners" and what were they thinking? What was the blowback? What did veterans think? What did the performers have to say? We can refer to books, articles, interviews, other tv appearances, etc.
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Colonel Hogan being killed
Hogan prepares to kill Freitag before he can find out more about the Manhattan Project in my alternate ending called WHAT IF...? If knowing what was at stake even beyond his operation, would Hogan have paused long enough to let Freitag shoot him instead?
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