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Life in the Spotlight
This is the story of Eddie and Loren's life starting off where season 1 left off. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to write about but i know where its going ;) Deffinetly a Leddie Fan, so you can look forward to that:D
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Loren and Eddie are now both famous and really in love. But when loren gets a part in a movie so big she cant refuse she finds out Tyler will be playing her love intrest. Will jealousy tear Eddie and loren apart, or will they stay together through it all? Read to find out!
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Love Not Be Deceived
Loren and Eddie don't even know each other exist, but while Loren's on her vacation to New York will they 'bump' into each other? Will Loren even have feelings for him? Will Eddie ever see her again? Will love bloom like a flower in the spring time?
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Loren and Eddie love
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In Time
Loren is the new girl at school, she had to move and luckly when her dad left the one thing he gave her was this huge mansion. Eddie was known for being a bad boy but will loren change his ways?
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