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Got a question and don't know who to ask? Come on in, and ask away!
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House RP
This is an RP for house M.D. either make your own character or take a character from the show.
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House md RP
House md storys
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4 House Crazy Peeps!
For all those peeps out there who wanna talk about House M.D.....BTW mite have spoilers in it !
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House Roleplay
Who's interested in roleplaying? I'll be Cameron and you can choose a character or make up a new character. I prefer Chameron, but I don't mind switching to other shippings :
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I Heart House
Calling all House lovers! If you love Dr. Gregory House, then this forum needs you!
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House, MD Discussions and Thoughts
Come here to talk about House episodes, favorite characters, most hated characters, best fanfictions, and much more!
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Everybody Lies And Everybody Dies House MD RP
A new House MD RP forum... Hoping to be as active as possible! If you behave, play well, etc... You may become a duckling! OC's are allowed. It's an OC RP of course! I will let people have canon charries, but only a max of 2. First come, first serve. RPed in 3rd person, past tense, limited. Godmodding will first get you a warning, then I will delete your posts if you do it again Unless it's clearly accidental. RPed in Rooms and Floors-For an OC or canon charrie, feel free to make a house/apartment a
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House, MD Roleplay
The title is pretty self explanatory.
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House and Cuddy Rock!
Anyone who loves Huddy can talk here! They can talk about Eppies, favorites scenes, or anything but please no Huddy bashers. Thanks!
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The Pretty
A place to talk about PPTH's prettiest Doctor, Dr. Robert Chase!
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Everything House MD
A place for all discussions about House MD. Talk about anything related to the show, including fics. Slash will probably be a major theme.
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The Writers' Workshop
This a haven for writers seeking to improve their skill, especially in the House, M.D. fandom. Challenges, fanfiction recommendations, writing advice, writers' block remedies, anything goes in here.
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house rp
another house rp. thought i would start one so people can join without worring about being to late for the last one. make your own character or pick one from the show. ill check them but go ahead and start. also 13 dr. remy hadley is my character. to clar
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The Awakening - ChaseCameron Forum
Ten years and the passion hasn't reached a definite end. The steadfast mind of the shippers kept its undying hope alive even to this day. It's an indescribable place, where Chase and Cameron finally reached the summit of human attainment.
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I Am Obsessed With Wilson!
Wilson fans or stalker cult here... I love Wilson! So Much. And Broadway. Too bad I'm in malaysia...... And I need Wilson like air. Tell me if you do! TQ!
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Water's October, right? House Fanfic Q&A and Disc
The place to continue discussion from TWoP's House Fanfic Q&A Discussion board of the same name.
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Forget Superstitions
Forget superstitions, Thirteen is boss. Whether you know her by her number, disease, or sexual orientation, you really can't deny that she's interesting at the very least. A forum all about Remy Hadley.
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House and Cuddy
This is a forum for fans of a romantic relationship between Lisa Cuddy and Gregory House.
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Wilson & Cameron
What makes you think he hasn't put the moves on her? A FORUM FOR WILSONCAMERON SHIPPERS!
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House is House
Yeah.. The House bunny or anything.. whatever that is. All ships welcome.
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He's House, MD But That's Not All He Is!
Why do you like House? Who should he end up with? How obsessed are you? Talk about House! Now with Foreman.
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Dr James Wilson and Dr Gregory House
Monster Truck rallys, Soap Opera's, Beer, Drugs, Little baldheaded dying kids...Can't get any better than that.
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The OC Club Forum
Questions, suggestions for story submission for the OC Club C2
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Spare Me
If you're fed up with the angst and misery that's so thick on the ground in the House FF community, or just generally fed up, here's a place to whinge about it.
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