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Remake of How I met your mother
I need 4 if possible 2 girls and two guys people to play the roll of one of these characters: Ted Mosby: free Barney Stinson: taken Marshall Ericksen: taken Lilly Aldrin: taken Robin Scherbatsky: taken Secondary characters:free
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RobinxBarney Shippers
Discuss the pairing, advertise fics and reflect on the amazing How I Met Your Mother pairing of Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson.
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How I met your motherfather
HI! New forum here :) Come discuss and share your favourite stories, ask for reviews and join the forum :) looking for moderators so come one and all, PM me if you're interested :L
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Challenge Accepted
Go here for ideas and/or make a request for a story.
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How I Meet Your Mother
Join Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily as they go through their single lives - and their marriage days as Ted tells the story of how he met his kids mother.
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HIMYM Fanfiction Challenges!
I feel that there isn't enough HIMYM fanfiction, so I'm hoping some challenges will get people interested and spice things up. I'm a particular fan of Ted/Barney but hey anything that is allowed on goes.
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Best RobinBarney Fanfics out there
What are your favorite Robin/Barney fanfics right now? Let's exchange recommendations.
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Who Will Barney Marry?
Discuss and Debate here.
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Which how i met your mother character are you most
find out if your like Barney, Robin, Ted, Lilly, or Marshal
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