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How To Rock Roleplay
Just a basic HTR! Roleplay. OCs are accepted.
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How To Rock RP
Play as a Original or Create your own OC
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How to Rock! RP
Just a How to Rock RP. Canon characters or OCs. Join in the fun! I don't bite...maybe.
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As How To Rock begins, here's the place to discuss EVERTHING How To Rock! Discuss writing tips, episodes, pairing, everything, this is the ultimate forum for How To Rock!
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How To Rock The Little Things
Anybody else pick up the innuendo between the characters that other people overlook? Tell me about it.
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The First How to Rock Forum
The first official How to Rock Forum. Favorite character, favorite episode, favorite pairing, or anything else talk about it here!
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How to Rock a Forum!
Everything and Anything How to Rock! Wanna talk fave Characters? Pairings? Episodes? Cast Members? Well here's the forum for you! So,tell me do you know how to rock a forum? :
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HTR Roleplay
Come RolePlay Couples: Zevie, Kavin(Kacey and Kevin), Grelson. OCs accepted If you get a part MUST create Blogs as a Topic. PM if you have a question.
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How To Rock A Role Play
Just another HTR roleplay. OC's accepted. :)
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Hey! This Forum you can chat everything Zevie! Compare things you noticed, share fanfictions that you think are good, just have fun! I'm not gonna say 'flamers not welcome.' because they can still click the forum and post anything they want. Freedom of Speech and all that. But I do ask that you respect other's opinions on certain matters and only submit comments you think contribute to the conversation. Thanks!
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