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JAG Fanfic Search
It's happened to us all--we read a fantastic fic and then can't find it again. Here's the place to post queries and get results!
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Can't believe no one has created a JAG forum yet so.... here it goes!
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The fated coin toss
so what did the coin land on, heads or tales? Which one would work out better for Harm and Mac, come post your opinion here
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Question on a fanfic
I found a fic. that was about Harm and Mac's little girl having cancer. The author of this fic. used SkinSarabethby Rascal Flatts. I really enjoyed reading that story and would like to read it again. So if you know how I can find the story lemme know.
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JAG Actors
Forum 'bout the actor's real life.
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Of Jarheads and Squids
JAG JAG AND MORE JAG...anything about Harm and Mac or any other characters....Webb and Brumby bashing allowed
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JAG Fanfics
For discussion of the posted JAG fanfics.
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JAG Revival for JAGniks
It's time for the real, true JAGniks to stand up and revive our beloved JAG. I invite you to participate in reminiscing on days gone by. We can reclaim that old JAG feeling through our memories. Please come on in and share! Semperfrankee
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Can We Ever Get Back to Before Discussions
A forum designed for proper and rational discussion of my fanfic which has generated many a wrong assumption...a forum for all with opposite views to discuss them off the review board.
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Season One
Meg Austin and general season one discussion and questions
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In Honor of Harm Why I Wrote It
This is my explanation for writing this story.
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Character Bashing
Why is it that when many people write alternative pairings other than Mac/Harm one or the other of them is bashed? While I'm one who wrote of Mac being paired with someone other than Harm, I portrayed them both as a good people and gave then equal shares
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Ideas? Challenges?
Wanting a specific story written? Maybe I can write it for you! Let me know what you want. Or if you have a challenge. I'm open to almost anything, including crossovers if I know the other show! I want to expand my writing ability and try something new!
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JAG: Non-Harm & Mac Stories
Discuss possible non-Harm and Mac stories. Can be romantic or otherwise. No Harm&Mac pairing
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