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Super Sentai X Kamen Rider Crossover Forum
Join the ranks of the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders.
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Kamen Rider OC Forum
Come in and play as your own Custom Kamen Rider. Have fun and play with others. Just follow the rules and play nice. We'll be the best of friends. Forever.
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Gamer Rider Royale
A roleplay set in an alternate universe to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. 20 Gashats, 10 complete, 10 incomplete are being given out to the citizens of Logon City, allowing the user to transform into an armored warriors known as a Kamen Rider. As mysterious 'Game Diseases' start spreading around the city, those given the power of the Gashats must decide who to fight and what to fight for.
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Kamen Rider: The New Life
Eight months ago, the The Kamen Riders vanished. To Where? No one knows. And evil is rising, in forms both new and old, now, it falls into the hands of a new generation, using weapons both new, and those used by the legends before them. However, it is their choice; Fight evil, or rule on its side; This is Their new life.
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Power Rangers: Kaiju Fury
In 2018, all the kaijus have vanished. Godzilla himself vanished as well. Before Godzilla appeared in 1954, there was a planet which was inhabited by peace loving mechanical aliens. We humans do not know of its existence. These race of aliens lived in harmony. But like all stories, some wanted peace, others chaos. And so began a war. The leader of the peaceful aliens, Paxato, fought with his allies. But his forces were wiped out and he was at the mercy of the evil warlord, Batika. Having lost the war, Batik
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Kamen Rider-Fused Timelines (RP Fourm)
A mysterious entity has fused all of the timelines together, making every important events occur when they shouldn't happen. Can you separate the timelines before doomsday occurs? The burden of existence rests on your shoulders...
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Kamen Rider Taisen RP
Join with other riders to defeat the forces of evil! OC's are welcome, canon world and not! RP will start at KR Build (W.I.P)
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