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Join the ranks of the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders.
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Kamen Rider: The New Life
Eight months ago, the The Kamen Riders vanished. To Where? No one knows. And evil is rising, in forms both new and old, now, it falls into the hands of a new generation, using weapons both new, and those used by the legends before them. However, it is their choice; Fight evil, or rule on its side; This is Their new life.
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Kamen Rider OC Forum
Come in and play as your own Custom Kamen Rider. Have fun and play with others. Just follow the rules and play nice. We'll be the best of friends. Forever.
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Break the Chain
Fangire, Humans, Riders. Can you survive in a world where not everyone is who or what they claim to be. A Roleplay set in the Kamen Rider Kiva universe. This is an Alternate Universe RP, so there will be very few canon characters involved. -NOW WITH GOLDEN POWER!
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Kamen Rider Taisen
Join together with other Riders as they combat monsters.
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