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Kickin It Roleplay
Make your own OC or roleplay as your favorite character!
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Kickin It RP
come here to play the roles of all your fav characters and to make your own.
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Kickin' It Slash RP
Most of the roleplay forums here are dominated with Kick, and that's not cool. Here, you can roleplay any slash, femslash, or poly pairing you want. Come one, come all. You can even discuss plots, the show itself, the actors, or anything else you want - just make sure you play fair. :)
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Just Kickin It Together Role Play ACTIVE
This is a new role play that I am starting for anyone who wants to come and join in on some fun Kickin it stories. Kickin it is one of my favorite shows and I have just recently started doing the role playing on here and had a lot of fun with it. The title is a fun play on the words because we are going to just kick back and have some fun with this. I will post a role play topic after our character roles are filled and we will be able to get started.
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Just Kickin'It It With Each Other Role Play Active
This forum has many different ltiple role play's and if you want to add one just PM me and I will.You can also get some story ideas or put up stories for adoption.If you want to request stories,here's the place to do so. You can vote for your favorite authors/stories and much more.*Active*
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A New Kickin' It Role-play
This is just a role play for me and people who want to join! Come in and role play with me and other people as Kickin' It characters or your own OC's!
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Kickin It Story Ideas
If you need ideas for stories for Kickin It here's a forum for you!
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Kickin' It With You! RP
Just a new Kickin' It RP! Role play with as your favorite characters or make an OC!
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Kickin' It Roleplay
Just a normal Kickin' it roleplay. Create your own characters and/or claim a Wasabi Warrior or Black Dragon or any other character. Big news. Brody is back in this roleplay.
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Jack and Kim Kickin it
What do you think about the pair
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Come here to participate in KICKIN' IT-themed contests, recommend and read KICKIN' IT FICS, and talk about the latest episodes.
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Kickin' It Fanfiction Stories
Here you can talk about popular Kickin' It Stories. Or you can talk to your favorite authors and meet your biggest reviewers! And it just doesn't have to be about Kick'in It, you can talk about monkey's too! Don't be shy to join up and talk to some amazing authors, and readers. I believe if we all can do this right we can all make this a great Forum that can chnage the way we readers and authors socialize with each other. Kickin' It Newsletter Featured inside starting this Firday night 5/8/12
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Life at the dojo
The kickin it gang loves three things , karate , friends , and girls in kims case boys . As they battle their way to get bobby wasbi to the top, will love get in the way of success?
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Best friends united! :
Kim Moves and meets an old friend... Who could it be?
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The Mystery of Jack
Nutthing mucccch
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kickin it with one direction
when one direction comes to seaford for a sold out concert, will it bring jack and kim together?
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Kim loves hugs and so, does Jack. Every time those two hug, some uncontrollable force seems to have them leaning in and almost kissing but, always get interrupted . What happens when Kim's raped and jack comes to the rescue? When they hug afterwords, what happens when no is around to interrupt the them and they go through with it? Will it change they rest of their lives? Or will they loose each others friendship?
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Adopt a Story!
We all get those great idea's in our head, and at the time they seem perfect! But then you slowly realize you don't want it and are stuck with the decision of a attempt to write it or throw it away. Now, you don't have to do that! Have a story you don't want? Put it up for adoption!
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My love
Jack and Kim have been inseparable since they met in freshmen year. When Kim's and jacks parents go over seas for 4 months leaving them alone in the same house together for that period of time things might just get a little spicy. Rated M for sexual themes and language.
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The Love of Karate
A chapter by chapter story on the chemistry between Jack Brewer and Kim Crawford.
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Can collage be this hard
After high school the gang moves into one big apartment, and goes to Seaford Collage can they still kick butt while going to collage. Read to find out more
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The Barn
Jack and Kim run out of gas in the woods, and they have to stay overnight in a barn. Kim has horrible nightmares...what will happen? R&R please!
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not so lovely fairytale
love is stronger then anything
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Jack and Kim finally kissed! Talk about the progression of their relationship/them in general! They are so cute OMG I am so excited! /watch?v yryRO7Clzww
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Kick'in it contest: funniest Jerry
This contest is to see who can make the best kick (Jack x Kim) fa fiction with the most funniest Jerry moments, other than that there's no rules. 2 winners, 1 for best Jerry and 1 for best Jack x Kim
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