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Lab Rats: Elite Force RP
Roleplay for all the craziness that is Lab Rats: Elite Force. (15 and up forum, no kids allowed.)
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Lab Rats Elite Force Roleplay
A bunch of RPs involving characters from Lab Rats, Lab Rats Elite Force and Mighty Med (may also include several characters from crossovers) OCs are involved as well
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Lab Rats: Elite Force RP
Welcome to the LR: Elite Force RP! This will be al about the new crossover spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force, which follows almost right after the respective series finales. Come RP with us, or talk about theories you have for the show, or express your opinions about the show's premier. Whatever you want. :)
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loving the youngest davenport
so your best friends with leo and you came to school one day to find leo and 3 others you meet them and find you have feelings for the youngest davenport
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