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Law and Order SVU (Next Generation)
Thing's have Changed alot in the SVU squad room with Olivia now in charge and a whole new generation of detectives working to keep New York safe. But with a new squad comes new drama buckle up things are about to get interesting
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Law and Order SVU Role play
I noticed there isnt a roleplay for this show...this is a alternate universe roleplay...
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Law and Order SVU my Way
Lets see where this goes
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Great SVU Roleplay
Come and check out this roleplay, where you can RP about anything that you might have wanted to happen in the show. Just PM me if you want to join! :D
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The SVU pairings forum
A forum for all shippers of anything.
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What was the name?
U ever read a great story, then forget the name and arther? Well this is where u can find it. Just give a short description of what u do remember and hopefully some one will be able to find it for u.
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The SVU Request Line
For lack of a better title. Want to read something, and be spared the agony of typing it out? Then, dagnabbit, request it! Likely, there'll be someone who cares enough to write your story.
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Come on tell me what is your favorite pairings
just give me what you got
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Oliva Benson Elliot Stabler
Love Stories Between Oliva Benson Elliot Stabler
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Post any and all ideas for writing challenges.
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Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni's Salaries
Okay so, I love Mariska and Chris, but do they really deserve to be making 6.5mil when a real cop only makes about 25k a year? I don't think so but my brother was part of NYPD which may give me a bias, so I'm interested to hear what other people think.
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Special Victims Unit, Addicts Anonymous
Calling all SVU addicts! Rant, vent, and chat about your SVU obsession here. Post your favorite story titles, play games like "You Know You're Addicted to SVU When..." and meet people who are just as crazed about the show as you are.
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What's the Deal with Dani Beck?
If you hate her, come vent. If you love her, tell us why.
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Any1 no how to pronounce Mariska Hargitay's name?
Yes it's been bothering me for a while, like is it pronouced, marishka, marissa or mariska? does anyone out there know? lol
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Show the jilted wife some love
Before I get ripped to shreds, I would just like to say that I love SVU, and I am an avid fan of E/O. That being said, I was wondering if anyone else feels sorry for the often ragged on Kathy Stabler.
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Beta readers
Any beta readers out there with a light case load? Or anyone needing a beta reader for their Law and Order SVU stories? Post your want ads here.
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This is long overdue! I know that everyone knows Christopher Meloni is leaving SVU! So I was wondering what your guys ideas were on how hes gonna leave? Maybe in a bodybag or retiring or maybe...in a limo with liv in a wedding gown! Come on! Tell me!
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SVU in General
Chat about SVU in general here.
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Come worship Munch.
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Law and Order SVU News
Come here to write any news about the show, talk about what the actors are doing, comment on recent episodes, ect.
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People who need SVU ideas, to ME!
I have tons of ideas for SVU, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot write chapter stories... So if you want any story ideas, I have zillions, just post here!
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melinda fans!
this is for all the melinda fans and filenda fans and those melliot fans out there. even the melivia fans out there!
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Law and Order SVU EO Shipper marathon?
Wondering if anyone in the Chicagoland area wants to start a SVU viewing group? All the seasons are available on netflix and it would obviously be fun to lose your mind with other people around...also losing their minds. Besides, Bombshell should be watch
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Svu group Chat - Role-play
Let's role-play. We also do story ideas. Join the party I'm bored this is a very active forum btw.
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Detective Olivia Benson
Do you like to read Olivia Benson stories? Well if you do come and post here. Do you like Benson? Well here ya go. Have fun!
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