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Law and Order
Law and Order has now been dead for about a year. Los Angeles is about to die. In light of that, we must remember our Law and Order through fanfiction. This is the place for all Law and Order fans to discuss plots, characters, fanfictions, and even the c
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ADA Abbie Carmichael
The best Abbie Carmichael fanfiction on the net !
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The Same Side of the Law: a JackAbbie forum
This is for those who wish to discuss JackAbbie in whatever context but do not care for the Livejournal format of the Same Side comm. Savor and engage in discussions involving our snarkier, non opposite attractive and down right cute pairing.
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Possible Law and Order Fanfiction Awards?
A forum to discuss having awards for Law and Order stories from the mothership and all spin-offs posted to ff net
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Prompt Challenges
Various prompt challenges and prompt sets for anyone who needs a little bit on inspiration.
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