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LazyTown Totally Rocks!
This show totally rocks and I love it. I'm not a kid but that doesn't stop me from liking it. People think I'm crazy for liking it but I don't care what they think. Sportacus totally rocks.
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The aboveaverage superhero or the purple rotten se
Who's good for Stephie? Discuss here!
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Stingy Brings an NC-17 rated movie to schooleaten by ants
Stingy: Oh my G-O-S-H! Movie day is today at school! I know, I will bring in Henry and Jane. *Cuts to school in Mrs. Uneducated Kitten's (me) class room* Mrs. Uneducated Kitten: OK, class. Today is movie day and we will bring in movies to school to watch for the next few days after lunch, as long as the movie is either rated PG or G. Why? Because I don't have anymore assignments for you until the printer is fixed. If the movie is rated G or PG, you will get to leave early and we will watch the movie the next day
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