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Legacies Roleplaying
A forum for anyone who wants to RP with Legacies or talk about the show
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A Legacy Unraveled
[Closed as of 8/25/19.]
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Just a private forum for some friends and myself. Being split into 1v1s, so discontinued here!
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Legacies Roleplay
Starting from Season 1 of Legacies, come and join our community! Our RP will follow it's own story, so claim a Canon or create an OC to jump into the action!
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Another Private
private forum. (wlwazula - thatawkwardvampire - dietdragonfly.) don't post without permission. mind ur own.
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Legacy of a Wish
Hope Mikaelson, in a moment of desperation, is visited by a jinni. Wanting more than anything for her family to be whole again, she makes a wish. While the jinni twists her wish to retrieve the urn for Malivore, and is finally freed from her suffering, Hope wakes up to a strange new world.
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Ana & Emma Private
*Private Forum, Don't Join*
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Legacies: Sinners and Saints
[On hiatus]
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Legacies: This Time Around
(OPEN APRIL 2020) From Tomb vampires, to dopplegangers, Original vampires, Travelers, Heretics, Family drama, Hybrids, Tribrids and a black pit of forgetting goo called Malivore. The gang of Mystic Falls, the Original family from New Orleans and the next generation at the Salvatore school has had many villains come and go, many mistakes have been made where family and friends have been lost. This time around things will be different, things will change. SPANS ALL SEASONS/SHOWS!
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Characters Memes
Just some memes for my characters. :)
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Legacies: Remastered
Living in the world of the supernatural, there is very little that suprises you. But what happens when a mystical force comes and pushes the limits of magic? *No character auditions required*
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Welcome to the Salvatore Boarding School
The town of Mystic Falls has a new generation of protectors in this spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals." A roleplay group set out to make things our own! Bits and pieces of canon all come together!
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HOLARKEJyan Challenged
This challenge is for people who love Hope/Ryan together or can see Joise/Ryan in an relationship. It can be K to Mature for the stories. It can contain sexual content if you so desire for the characters. You can even do an Joise/Ryan/Hope story together if you really want too. The chapters can be of any length, but the story will have to be between 10 to 20 chapters for the story itself. It can be an AU with it including OCs if you wish. The main characters can be supernatural or human for the stories.
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legacies twist
what if instead of hope and landon never met at the on the full moon and rafael was alone (exacpt for the prist) WARNING LEGACIES SPOILERS
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