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The Ultimate Leverage Forum!
I saw there wasn't a forum and thought that was a crime against humanity, mainly Nate, Sophie, Eliot, Hardison and Parker though. So here it is! Come discuss Leverage with fellow fans! Let's just keep it clean people!
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Leverage Roleplay
Come on, Come all. Join the roleplay today and be your favorite Leverage Character! Ideas for a roleplay would be wonderful! Made up Characters may be allowed once all original characters are filled. D
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Leverage Challenges
Here is where you put all your challenges for Leverage up and see who wants to take a crack at writing your ideas.
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We're Going To Steal A Roleplay
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The Finding the Fic Job
Help us find the Leverage fics we're looking for! Anyone can ask and anyone can answer! Much appreciated if you help! Thanks!
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Leverage Roleplay
On the front lines of the war against the worst crime to humanity; not enough Leverage forums...can you survive? Note: Do not take this seriously.
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Eliot Fans Unite!
For fans of Eliot! No slash please
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Yet Another Leverage RPG - ZOMBIE STYLE!
Leverage RPG played off site. You know you want to see how they handle a zombie invasion. Anybody who is interested, just comment here or send a private message to me, and I'll send you the link. The group is slash and femslash friendly. We accept and embrace characters/writers from all walks of life. It's just as valued as creativity. All roles are open except Nate and Eliot as of 10/20/2012
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Im having a contest! Lets see who can write a story about The Nathan Ford. With the topic being The Man The Myth The legend. Other characters can be included but the main character should be Nathan Ford! Thanks!
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Has to have Nate whump or feature The Mastermind in some family/angst kind of way.
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