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The Gene Genie Appreciation Society
A place to share good fan fiction and generally drool over Gene Hunt
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Life on Mars
For everyones fun for Life on Mars, talk about it and role-play but most of all have fun. Stay as the character you register as for all role-plays please it makes it less confusing for me.
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Life on Mars Challenges
A place to put your Life on Mars fanfic challenges.
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Life on mars, Ashes to ashes chat
Just a place to chat about your favourite pairings, storylines ect.
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Life On Mars
Post anything here in the selected folders
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Living Life on Mars
Hiya! I noticed that there were no Life on Mars or Ashes to Ashes role-play forums on here, and despite my lack of forum experience; wisely or unwisely decided to create one! Come and join as we weave through the world of 70's and 80's cop action!
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Trust The Gene Genie
Just a general forum on Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, and all things Philip Glenister.
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