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All About Kate
what do u think about kate? and other issues about kate?
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Great Gordo!
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of all things GORDO. What a great character, so complex and full of angst! Please come share your thoughts on Gordo's place on the Lizzie McGuire Show, AND in Lizzie McGuire fanfic!
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Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum
For questions, comments and criticisms of the Lizzie McGuire KISAverse. I won't spoil future plot developments, but everything else is fair game.
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Lizzie McGuire FanFic Music Videos
Links to various Lizzie Mcguire Music Videos including one that I created myself inspired by many fanfics from this site.
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Lizzie McGuire Fanfic Sanctum
Talk about all your favorite Lizzie McGuire fanfics here and or your own stories you are working on.
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It's a place for Lizzie McGuire challenges. Post a challenge or get a challenge!
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Challenge Fic!
Here's where we can post ideas and challenges for new fanfiction.This is where all of us can challenge each other to take some new and different ideas and run with them.
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Crossover with YuGiOh
Imagine, if you will, an alternate world where Lizzie and friends meet the gang from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh. Talk about it here!
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