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Change of Fate: a LOST RP
Well most forums on here are dead. I know a lot of people wanna RP lost soo here ya go! Create a character and survive on the island!
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LOST Again Role Playing Game
The Island has moved again. This time, it's between New York and London - and coincidentally if you believe in coincidence happens to be directly below Flight 481 when it crashes. Come, join the survivors and RP!
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Lost Fan Fiction Challenges
Still stuck on the Island? Craving a slice of the Dharma life? Want to answer some of the mysteries that Darlton left open? Here, you'll find Lost-themed Fan Fiction challenges! Stop by and try a few out!
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Beta Search
Tired of those grammar mistakes that spell check just doesn't catch? Can't quite nail your characterizations of a complex character? Stop using the 'I wrote this late at night so mistakes aren't my fault' excuse. Get help from a beta reader!
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A plane crash causes forty-eight people to strand on a deserted island. Will they survive the mysteries of this dusty forgotten patch of land in the middle of the ocean? OC!LOST RP - all are welcome. Hope you brought your life jacket.
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I saw that the one Roleplay on here was pretty dead so i decided to start my own. Come RP on Lost.
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Benjamin Linus: The Man With a Plan
Ben Linus: he's known as the man with a plan. Or, to Mr. James Ford, 'Yoda'. Come discuss the shattered, strange, and all-around intriguing man who we'll never be able to put this label on: good or evil?
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Jack and Kate
All lovers of the couple Jack and Kate come here to talk about your fetish!
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Lost on The Island
Anything that possibly has to do with Lost, it's characters, the actors who portrayed those characters, etc. ANything Lost related goes right here.
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The Lost Challenge Forum!
Need inspiration? Want to keep the Lost Fanfics going? Well here's the place for you! Here you will find various challenges to inspire you to write more lovely Lost fics!
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Lost and Loving it
Talk about LOST, pretty straight forward. Talk about episodes, characters, pairings, fics, theories, anything lost related.
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Random LOST Discussions:
Previously called LOST Theories And More. Anything can be talked about here, whether it be theories, favorite characters, favorite relationships, or anything else! Feel free to create topics and entertain yourself to get you through the hiatus!
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Lost Chronicles
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The Swan
A forum where Lost fans can discuss previous and upcoming episodes, their theories, Lost news, fun or interesting facts, the actors, actresses, and characters, and anything else about the show.
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ok, so what is going on with charlie and claire? i love them... and what about the whole jackkatesawyer thing? what couples do you think will make it?
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LOST Forum!
For all the fans of ABC's Lost.
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The Lost Island
What is the Lost island? Why are our characters on it? Basically, just a place to satisfy curiosity and maybe find out a few things.
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Lost Fanfiction
A place to talk about what you think are the worst and most frequent cliches in the fandom. Romance, characterization, theories...whatever!
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So Lost
Discussion, story ideas, thoughts on how the show should continue. You name it, we'll cover it!
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JATES & SANAS! oh and evey other love couple you c
Forum for Jaters and Sanas. Must be good, no story which string along, and no stupid weird things. Also for every other very excellent love couples stories, but with Jate in it!
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Who's Hittin' That?
Instead of just posting things like Jate is Fate! or Skate Forever! I challenge you to look at both sides of both pairings, and back up your position.
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Sawyer & Kate
Mm. It doesn't get any hotter than these two, eh? Pop in and chat with fellow Skaters.
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Mysteries Revealed suggestions
Hello everyone,I have posted the first two chapters of my Lost fan fic called Mysteries Revealed,It takes place after the latest episode called Lockdown.If anyone would like to make suggestions on what i should do next chapter
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What's with Michael?
First Sawyer and Ana roll around then Michael goes and offs everyone, What's the deal?
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How Lost are you?
Do you think you know what's happening on the island? Who are The Others? Who should Kate be with? Ask questions and post theories about Lost here...just make sure you make it clear if there are spoilers in your post.
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