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Lucifer Rp
Rp Lucifer
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Lucifer Rp
Come and join me in a lucifer rp. Will be fun hope youenjoy. Please don't swear or have any have inappropriate language. Thank you.
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Hijos de Dios
Lucifer creĆ­a que todo era perfecto en la tierra, hasta que su mundo da un giro gracias a Eva. Las cosas no suelen ser lo que parecen. " Despues de todo, somos hijos de Dios, Lucifer."
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Lucifer talk!
A place to discuss the great show that is Lucifer!
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Lucifer Fan Fic Ideas
A place where anyone can post ideas for Fic involving the Lucifer TV program
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Lucifer Roleplay
So, I'm making this mainly because I'm watching the series and I enjoy it so much I want to roleplay it, but there aren't really that many roleplays for it, and the ones there are aren't that active.
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