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Make It or Break It RolePlay
Hi everyone! Join me in a fun role play based on the amazing ABC Family t.v. series: Make It or Break It! If you love the show, come and join. You can grab a canon or make an original character!
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Make It Or Break It RP
Come here to RP your favorite characters from The Show!
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MIOBI Addicts Anonymous Or, Well, Not So Anonymous
If you're aware of how bad Make It or Break It truly is yet still insist on watching it I feel your pain. Here's a place to talk about what doesn't work for you and possibly salvage and explore what does. Get silly. Get deep. Embrace the addiction.
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Your favorite couple on Make it or Break it?
who do you think should get together or not be together
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Make It or Break It
A place to discuss anything about the show. I love the show and wanted to have a place to discuss the show with others besides my sister.
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looking for a payson sasha fic
im looking for this one payson/sasha fic. it was a long time ago when i read it. i believe it was rated m. all i remember is that it had a scene in a plane where they fooled around on the plane.
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Story ideas
A place to post story ideas or challenges.
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What do you think about Kaylie and Austin Tucker?
Come talk about if they should be together or no way,or if they should be with other people your choice
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JCI's Stories
Did anyone save JCI's Stories before she took them down? I didn't get to save them and would like to get a copy.
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Make It or Break It
All fans of the ABC Family hit show are welcome to join in the discussion and fun! Chat about couples, the gymnastics aspects, and of course, the DRAMA!
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Make it or Break it What do you want to see in se
After our most successful summer yet, ABC Family has some BIG news for Make It Or Break It fans! The Rock girls are going to be back for a third season! ABC Family network president Michael Riley is super excited for the new season since Make It or Break
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Just the Beginning
Kaylie, Payson, Lauren and Jordan are on their way to London, but, the drama doesn't end: they get to know Colleen, the coaches are putting on the pressure, boyfriends, parents, whew! You'll be crazy! Join me as I write the dream finally coming true for this quartet.
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PaysonSasha fanfiction and ideas
You can describe your Payson/Sasha fanfictions here or your ideas for one.
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JCI fic
Hi, do any of you guys saved JCI's stories and would be soooo amazing to send them to me please? I can't get trough the exam season without without Sasha and Payson :D
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