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Mission: Rescue Mako Island
When three land boys drop into the moon pool during a full moon, the whole pod- including Zac- must help defend the island after the three boys find the broken trident and fix it.
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The Mermaids of Mako Island
A few humans have stumbled upon the magic of Mako Island, and the resident mermaids must find a way to stop it. You can join as a mermaid yourself, or just a human if you like! Explore the island, learn magic potions and spells, learn more about humans and mermaids, and so much more with the Mermaids of Mako Island!
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Mako Mermaids RP
***ACTIVE*** Do you love Mako Mermaids? So do I, and all of us here! Come RP with us! ***ACTIVE***
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Mako Mermaids RP
Come and RP in gold coast as a mermaid, merman, or human.
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Rita's Grotto
Talk about the show, characters, powers. Accept challenges, roleplay, or just have fun! Anything!
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