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PJ's Headbusters The First Mentalist Forum
Haha! I beat ya again! Come and chat about our favorite mind reader! You know you love the show, and I'm dyin to bounce ideas around and just chat about it in general. We can chat about other things too! Mentalist Groupies - Unite!
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Mentalist Writing Ideas
Sorry for the stupid name. If you've got a better one, I'll take it. Anyway, here you can post any ideas you've got in the form of challenges, plot bunnies, or just discuss great stories.
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Because it's magic: Jane and Lisbon
Just Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon - their friendship and, maybe, more.
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The Jisbon Awards
Nominate your favourite Jisbon fics and writers in catagories like Best Angst fic, Best Fluff Writer ect! A sounding board to give a little recognition to those extremely talented writers on that write about our favourite couple!
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Mentalist Season five forum
What are you looking forward to in season five of Mentalist? Let's talk about it!
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Madness Arrives
For everyones fun for The Mentalist, talk about it and role-play but most of all have fun. Stay as the character you register as for all role-plays please it makes it less confusing for me.
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Their Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
Where fanfictioners from around the 'net can recieve prompts, chat about topics, obsess over characters, and so much more. For the Mentalist fans in which needed a niche to flail!
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Mentalist XOvers
Just with all those crime shows in mind, how about a cross over?
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Mentalist Rigsby for Van Pelt
What do you think about Mentalist's most profound couple? for now since I don't see Lisbon or Jane making any moves toward eachother
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Technical Side of Law Enforement
Ever need help on the technical side of how agencies work? Here's the forum to ask for help or help others out by answering questions. More inside...
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Jane & Lisbon Addicted
Amizade, confiança, flerte... e amor?
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The Mentalis
Para todas las personas a las que nos gusta esta gran serie
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Story Swapping
A forum where you can give up stories that you are tired of writing, and adopt the stories of someone else. Basically unfinished stories up for auction.
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Mentalist Fan Fics we'd like to see!
I'm no good at writing... but I know that I have ideas for what could make a good fan fic! If there are more out there... put them here!
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the MentalistNCIS
these are my fanfictions based off the tv shows the mentalist and NCIS. bare with me, i'm new at this.
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Hey! Come and chat about our favourite characters , and talk about some great ideas of how there relationships can go from friends to couples:-) J
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Pequeño One shot Jisbon, justo despues del final de la serie.
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