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Merlin Pairings Roleplay
Every wanted to roleplay your favorite Merlin couple? Well, here's the place to do it. Simply fill out a form and wait for an rp partner!
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Modern Legends
All Arthurian Legend characters, well known and not well known, are in The 51st century. When the Earth is threatened then they'll have to join forces (the good ones that is and possibly Morgana) to save it from the darkness.
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In a Time of Magic
This is a Merlin RP featuring topics for: chatting, canon claiming, OC accepting, and most importantly- roleplaying! ACTIVE AS OF- 12/27/2014
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My Merlin RP
Come,enter the world of Merlin! claim a character or make an OC
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Merlin RP
I have been looking EVERYWHERE to do a Merlin RP THANK GOD
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Merlin RP
In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of a great rp rests on the shoulders of a young geek. Their name, You!
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BBC Merlin RP and others
A place for BBC's Merlin stuff, mostly Roleplay.
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Merlin: A New Roleplay
As the title says. Come and join, play your favorite characters, or add your own! The limitations are endless... When there is magic! HUZZAR
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