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The Storm (A Misfits RP)
A mysterious storm has given various people superpowers. Some will use them for good, while others will use them for evil. Where will you stand in this new world? Join our roleplay! We're accepting new members.
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Everything changed when the storm hit! Brand new Roleplay. Start from the beginning, Create your own story. A bunch of misfits, messed up, no goods with superpowers! In what kind of fucked up world is that allowed to happen?
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A home for Misfits fans to discuss, debate and role-play along with anything else to do with Misfits!
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Misfits Roleplay
This is a roleplay for Misfits fans! Anything goes on this forum. I want this to be the craziest, most fun Misfits roleplay ever! Please join!
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