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Anything and everything NCIS:LA! Play nice and keep everything T.
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Auteurs & lecteurs français :D
Premier forum français, alliant commentaire utile, ou pas... Défis, membre du club S.A.F, auteur, lecteur... Bref tout ce que nous aimons !
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Red Team
A team of agents that live together, and work on cases together. They are of different ages. They are also supernatural. This could be interesting! Inspired by NCIS LA episode red team.
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NCIS: LA The Case of the Rabid Plot Bunnies
Challenge, Ideas and Request threads for NCIS: LA
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NaKed Nate & Kenzi
So what do you think? Do you think this pairing works? You're thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated
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What does G stand for?
We all know he dosn't know, but do you?
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NCIS Los Angeles
Play As Callen, Sam, Keniz, Deeks, Hetty, or play an original character
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Obviously, it's about Densi. Anyone can say anything, just no bashing, ok?
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NCIS: Los Angeles Role Playing Addiction
Come and enjoy role playing the new NCIS show with me please. There all kinds of fun to be had.
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Roll Playing for NCIS:LA
Come Roll play as your favorite Character from NCIS: LA or pick your own! Please keep it nice and clean...ish. :
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Neric and Densi
All things Neric and Densi, rather it be M rated, fluffy as marshmallows, or full of angsty goodness. Drabbles, challenges, plot ideas, whatever your Neric/Densi shipper heart needs. Become one with your inner fangirl and stop fighting the shipper raging in your heart.
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Minor Characters
Anything about any of the minor characters. Eric, Nell, Nate, etc. For those of you who are sick of all the major character jabber. Also discuss future relationships, and what you think can be revealed about them.
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Everything you want about Kensi. Stories already finished, new stories, challenges, new ideas, discussions...anything
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G Callen & Kensi Blye
This was created for all us shippers to discuss Callen and Kensi!
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Discuss, Challenge, or Babble Here!
The title says it all! Come to post ideas, ask for help, or just babble about randomness! Everything must be rated T or lower, and has to do with NCIS LA About once week I'll try to post a new question to discuss if the talking is getting too boring or s
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Kensi Blye AU
Discuss & share ideas or challenges for AU stories featuring Kensi Blye and/or DENSI (Deeks & Kensi).
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Sam tries to find his "dead" brother. Deeks and Kensi become more then partners. Callen try to find out how he is and how the mysteries man/women. Is there more to the relationship with Erick and Callen. Will all them every find out how Erick real is. The
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a little one-shot for Neighborhood Watch 2x22 (yes i know that was forever ago, i dont care this episdoe is my favorite) "How did you remember what i was wearing?" Kensi asked tentavely, stepping closer and looking up to meet his ocean blue eyes. "I-I-I uh," he stuttered... I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ONE OF THESE THINGS SO IT WILL PROBABLY BE TERRIBLE BUT PLEASE HELP ME
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