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NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles RP!
Most NCIS roleplays seem to be dead so I've made this one! Includes Topics for both series! Canon characters and OCs! Looking for more literate writers that write longer posts. Come on in! *Active*
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NCIS Roleplay!
NCIS is in need for new probationary agents! Do you think you're up to it? Join the DC team as they investigate crimes and solve murders. This is set 25 years so they are either married or retired. Children of Canons are allowed so just create one and join the fun. GRAND REOPENING IN MARCH! This forum will be really ACTIVE
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NCIS World
This is the world of NCIS.Grab a character and join the fun
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NCIS Roleplay
This Roleplay combines NCIS and NCIS:LA. Claim a character or create an OC :)
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NCIS Roleplay Forum
Ever wanted to work alongside L.J. Gibbs? Or maybe be him? Well here you can do either! This is not just another NCIS Roleplay... but one I hope you'll join! We're always looking for new members, and are open to people from anywhere in the world! ...so long as I can understand what you're saying. We may seem dead, but that's just cause nobody comes here anymore... Join today!
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