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This here is a forum to talk about the Nanny. Just say what you liked about the show and what not. So yeah... talk amonst your selfs!
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The Nanny
Come and discuss The Nanny with other fans.
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Niles and CC Lovers
For everyone out there who absolutely loves this couple.
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Everything I Need to Know I Learned from The Nanny
What life lessons have you learned from The Nanny? Post them here!
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To all the girls who LOVE Niles and think he deserves someone else besides C.C.
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anything and everything that's to do with Niles!
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Niles&CC - by DannyFan66 & Ichbin
Questions/suggestions/requests/ to DannyFan66 and/or Ichbin about our stories/ ideas/ plot plans etc...
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Flaws with CCNiles relationship
CC/Niles was my OTP for a very long time, but after thinking a lot over the years, I realized there were things that truly bother me and it has mainly to do with how everyone is against CC and how she is the main laughing stock and sometimes it went overboard. Therefore, I'd like to start a discussion over some examples of some anti-CC aspects featured in most episodes and see how can Niles behavior and his actions be justified.
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Fanfiction Challenges
A place to post your fanfic challeges/prompts for The Nanny!
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