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Modern RP
Well basicly just a modern rp for a few of my friends. If you wanna join just pm me and tell me how literate you think you are. I would really enjoy it if you were experienced in quite a few rp's but yeah
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Anything Ned's Declassified SSG
Talk about anthing related Ned's Declassified. Talk about pairings, stories, episodes, characters, quotes, trivia or what you noticed in the show. You may also post games such as hurt and heal or this or that.
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Slash Forum
Talk about your thoughts regarding slash pairings in this fandom. Not common, but it's there.
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Ned Declassified SSG
This is were youa can come to talk about anything. I wanted to make a forum. This is for all he's she's me's we's and little green Kiwis
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Guide to ReunionsGuide to Reunions: Moze's Story T
A place for my favorite people My reviewers can talk about The two stories listed up top there. Yeah, I know it's self centered to make my own forum.. But hey, this is for your benefit too.. You can ask me questions here. :
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Manual de sobrivivĂȘncia escolar do ned!
O nome diz tudo,por favor entrem!
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Favorite Ned's Declassified Survival Guide pairing
What's your favorite pairing? The classic Noze? How about Jilly? mozexloomer or how 'bout the awesome slashes? ex: fem/male slash.
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